FMIG Leaders: Help Promote
National Conference

Earn $100 for Your FMIG

We owe you one—family medicine interest groups are already the best way for medical students to explore family medicine as a community, but they're also where one out of four students learn about National Conference. To say "thank you!" and help support these efforts, the AAFP is offering family medicine student organizations $100 for hosting a National Conference informational meeting. The $100 may be applied towards meeting costs, including food, drink, and other necessities.

Important Dates

Spring 2021 | Time period to host informational meeting

May 31, 2021 | Deadline to submit submission form and attendee list

How to Earn the $100

Hold a meeting and:

What you need to know:

  • Family medicine specialty interest groups at all allopathic and osteopathic medical schools are eligible to participate.
  • Apply early.  Only the first 50 participating groups will receive the $100 funding. If your group is not within the first 50 to respond, the AAFP will notify you.
  • Only one award will be granted per medical school campus.
  • FMIGs at regionally separated (branch) campuses may apply separately from the main campus.
  • The FMIG-hosted National Conference informational meeting must occur in spring 2021.
  • Each participating FMIG group must show the National Conference PowerPoint presentation provided by the AAFP.
  • The AAFP-provided National Conference presentation can be included in an already planned FMIG meeting or at a specific meeting to share the conference information.
  • The submission form and attendee list must be provided to the AAFP no later than May 31, 2021.

Ideas for your meeting:

  • Consider contacting your AFP state chapter representative to see if they would like to participate in your meeting. Some state chapters have their own scholarships and opportunities for medical students.
  • Invite a panel of past attendees—students, residents, and/or faculty—to share their National Conference experience.
  • Share other free resources from the AAFP at your meeting, like Strolling through the Match, which has advice about talking to residency programs and exploring specialties.