National Conference Benefits
for Residents

Events Focused on Residents

Resident Bootcamp: Fine-tune Your Career
Friday, July 29 | 8—10:30 a.m.
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Expo Theater—Sponsored Networking Event
Friday, July 29 | 11:15 a.m.—12:30 p.m.
Sponsored by Bayer
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Resident Luncheon—Sponsored Networking Event
Friday, July 29 | 1—2:30 p.m.
Sponsored by OptumCare
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Challenge Café—Sponsored Networking Event
Friday, July 29 | 4—5:30 p.m.
Sponsored by National Peanut Board
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VIP Cocktail Event for Residents—Sponsored Networking Event
Friday, July 29 | 6:30—8 p.m.
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Gynecological Care: Best Contraception Practice Techniques: IUD/LARC Insertion and Removal—Satellite CME Workshop
Saturday, July 30 | 7:30—11 a.m.
Provided by Paradigm Medical
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Chase Mussard


“All communities are different, and therefore all family docs are different."

Chase Mussard, MD
2022 National Conference Resident Chair


Message from the National Conference Resident Chair

If you are longing for an event in medicine where all belong, where passions are stoked, interests refined, and motivations discovered—one that leaves you ready to launch back into your community, school, or program—then the AAFP National Conference is the place for you!

I went to my first National Conference in 2017. I have vivid memories of sitting in the opening Main Stage session. Looking around, I was deeply impacted by the diversity of voices, passions, and spirit of everyone there. I knew I was at home in family medicine at that point.

The networking and interactions at National Conference are second to none. As a student, I connected with other students across the nation and programs I was interested in. As a resident, I’ve gotten to connect with like-minded residents and even attending physicians whom I look up to as I envision what post-training will look like.

Workshops at National Conference provide great education value and skills, and they reflect our true values in family medicine. The most valuable lesson I’ve learned by attending dozens of these sessions in my life is that being a family doc can be tough, but the work we do by pushing for a more equitable solutions to our communities’ problems is worth it in the end.

Getting involved in congresses as students and residents is paramount to National Conference in my opinion. The American Academy of Family Physicians is one of the only organizations in medicine that has this legitimate pathway for our voices to be heard. The AAFP values its next generation and doesn’t want to wait until they are practicing docs to hear their voices. Come learn and make your voice heard.

I have seen how family medicine works against a health care system that isn’t always inherently helpful for patients, and I wanted to be part of the solution. Family Medicine can provide that opportunity because it exists first and foremost to serve our communities. All communities are different, and therefore all family docs are different.

Come take an even deeper dive at National Conference again and discover why family medicine is the best specialty to serve our communities and patients—and provide you fulfillment beyond measure.

Resident Benefits

Current PGY1

Refine your clinical skills through sessions designed specifically for you. Connect with colleagues and influence AAFP policy in Resident Congress.

Current PGY2

Take advantage of dedicated time to meet with potential employers, learn about fellowships, and explore many post-residency opportunities.

Current PGY3

Prepare to transition into practice by learning about resources on debt relief, employment contracts, and developing your CV. 


All program years are eligible to participate in any National Conference event or programming.