The workshops at our annual family medicine conference are focused on preparing you for what’s ahead with learning tracks spanning clinical skills, leadership development, future career planning, and beyond. 

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“National Conference is the place to connect with other students, residents, and physicians who are just as passionate about family medicine as you. You’ll leave feeling reinvigorated.”

Sami Driscoll
2023 National Conference Student Chair

You’ll soon find that one of the best things about National Conference is the energy. Physicians, residents, and students bring the excitement about all things family medicine from day one.

In fact, one of my favorite memories from National Conference was my opening session. The room was practically humming. It left me eager to see all the opportunities I had to learn and connect over three days. 

Speaking of opportunities, family medicine itself is such a diverse specialty where anyone can find their place. You learn such a breadth of medicine and serve many patient populations. And the advocacy that physicians and trainees take up on behalf of their patients is one of my favorite parts of family medicine.

When I entered medical school, I was interested in both family medicine and OB/GYN, but as I met more family physicians, I was intrigued by the diversity of their practices and their service to their communities. I knew I’d found my place.

So, when I attended my first in-person conference, I knew meeting with different residency programs would be invaluable to me. It opened my eyes to programs I hadn’t considered before and allowed me to build in-person connections.

At my first National Conference, I was also exposed to the process of Student Congress and the power of organized medicine. It was great to see the power students can hold and how organized medicine affects change.

My advice to you? Attend National Conference! And try to split your time between workshops, Congress activities, and exploring residency programs in the Expo Hall. You’ll be glad you got to experience all National Conference has to offer.

Get on Track Through Med School

No matter where you are in your medical training, National Conference is the place to discover new opportunities in family medicine, run for a national leadership position, develop leadership skills, be energized and inspired, and find your people through networking opportunities and more. 

1st Year

Go beyond med school to explore the broadest and most dynamic medical specialty. Learn what family physicians do through workshops, Main Stage sessions, and discussions with your peers, residents, and attendings. 

2nd Year

Prepare for clerkship through educational programming designed to enhance your family medicine journey and get a jump-start on your residency and career.

3rd Year 

Strengthen your path to family medicine. Hone procedural skills, visit residency programs, and learn what all you can do as a family physician.

4th Year 

Get the energy and inspiration you need to transition into residency and network with residents who went through the same experiences.