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Message from the National Conference Student Chair

During my first week of medical school, I sat down with a family medicine physician who would soon become my mentor. After hearing my goals and thoughts of where I saw myself in the future, she looked at me with a smile and said, “You are definitely a family doc.” From that moment on, I never looked back.  I think of family medicine physicians not as generalists, but as “generationalists.” We have the privilege of walking with patients through their whole lives – in their most exciting and vulnerable moments – generation after generation. 

National Conference is the chance to engage with students, residents, and faculty in family medicine and explore everything from advocacy to bedside ultrasound, from sports medicine to social determinants of health.  The networking at National Conference is hands down what I value most about the experience.  Being surrounded by future and current family physicians who share the same passion as I do for my patients and specialty is indescribable. At National Conference, there is so much love and support and camaraderie that is unmatched anywhere else.

The Resident and Student Congresses provide a unique experience you often don’t find in traditional medical school training. It’s a unique time to learn from colleagues and hear different perspectives from students and residents all over the country. Congress is a time to advocate for issues and that are larger than just yourself; you are truly fighting for your patients and your specialty as a whole.

Family medicine is hands down the BEST specialty in medicine! I say specialty with bold font because we ARE a specialty of medicine. We are the first line, and we are the navigators of primary care. The most unique aspect of family medicine is the ability shape and transform your career over your lifetime.

Student Benefits

Make Sense of Your Future

Step beyond the classroom
and explore what family medicine is all about. Discover the scope of practice through workshops, Main Stage sessions, and discussions.

Get Ready for Hands-On Learning

Prepare for clerkship
through educational programming designed to enhance your family medicine journey, and get a jump-start on the Match!

Prepare for a Successful Match

Invigorate your eagerness
to practice in the family medicine specialty. Hone procedural skills, visit with residency programs, and influence AAFP policy.

Set Your Plans in Motion

Get inspiration you need
to transition into residency and network with other residents going through the same experience.


All program years are eligible to participate in any National Conference event or programming.