Resident Benefits

Join Us In 2019!

2019 National Conference of Family Medicine Residents and Medical Students

July 25 - July 27, 2019
Kansas City Convention Center
Kansas City, MO

Current PGY1: Refine your clinical skills through sessions designed specifically for residents. Connect with colleagues, and influence AAFP policy in the Resident Congress.

Current PGY2: Meet with potential employers in the Expo Hall, and learn about fellowships and other post-residency opportunities. Prepare to transition into practice through resources on debt relief, employment contracts, and developing your CV.

Current PGY3: If you’re not graduating in May, join your fellow residents and meet potential employers and prepare to transition into practice.

*All program years are eligible to participate in any National Conference event or programming.

A Note From The Resident Chair

Kristina Dakis, MD

One of the great things about National Conference is you can tailor your conference experience to fit your needs and begin to shape any future you can imagine.

When I first attended National Conference as a third-year medical student, I was there to meet more family physicians and decide on a specialty. The following year, I returned as a fourth-year student to roam the Expo Hall and explore residency programs from around the country. As a resident, National Conference has been an amazing opportunity to develop as a physician leader, meet others with similar interests, and develop impactful workshops on relevant topics like resiliency and burnout. No matter where you are in your education, National Conference will have something for you.

No matter where you are in your education, National Conference will have something for you.

— Kristina Dakis, MD, Resident Chair

You will never experience anything like the Expo Hall at National Conference. The Expo Hall allowed me to network with hundreds of residency programs, fellowships, and future employers eager to help me achieve my goals. I made new friends and met mentors who have motivated me to become the family physician I’ve always dreamed of being. I hope to continue collaborating with amazing people I met at National Conference throughout my career. I know people who ended up attending residency at a program they discovered at National Conference. This is your chance to find the right program for you—take advantage of it.

Participation in the Student and Resident Congresses has also been an extremely important step in my own development as a physician leader and patient advocate. Submitting a resolution was the first time I realized how much my voice mattered to my Academy, and I saw I had the potential to help shape the future of our specialty. By participating in parliamentary procedures and reference committee hearings, you learn valuable skills you will use throughout your career. I encourage anyone interested in health policy and advocacy to get involved in congress activities.

As you can see, National Conference is an energizing event unlike any other. This is where like-minded people can connect, collaborate, advocate for change, contribute to new policy, pursue leadership opportunities, expand their clinical skills, and most importantly, inspire others to envision a future in family medicine—who can say no to that?

I am so grateful for all the opportunities I’ve had at National Conference. I look forward to meeting you in Kansas City and welcoming you into our family medicine community.

Kristina Dakis, MD, Resident Chair