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Join Us in 2018!

2018 National Conference of Family Medicine Residents and Medical Students

August 2 - August 4, 2018
Kansas City Convention Center
Kansas City, MO

Current M1: See what family medicine is all about, and discover the scope of practice offered in the specialty through workshops, main stage sessions, and musculoskeletal clinics. Topics include:

  • EKG
  • Ultrasound
  • Procedures

Current M2: Affirm your interest in family medicine and be surrounded by people who are passionate about the specialty. Prepare for your clerkship through educational programming designed to enhance your family medicine education, plus get a jump-start on the Match by visiting with residency programs. Topics include:

  • LGBT health screening
  • Maternal care and childbirth
  • Wellness in medical education

Current M3: Affirm your eagerness and desire to practice in the family medicine specialty, hone your procedures skills, visit with residency programs in the Expo Hall before applying through ERAS, and influence AAFP policy through the Student Congress. Topics include:

  • Applying to residency
  • Residency interviewing
  • Global health careers

Current M4: Get the inspiration and information you need for transitioning into residency and network with other residents going through the same experiences. Topics include:

  • Financial responsibilities
  • From residency to faculty
  • Health disparities

*All program years are eligible to participate in any National Conference event or programming.

A Letter From the Student Chair


Lizzy McIntosh, Student Chair

Attending National Conference was one of the best choices I made during medical school. It has strengthened my love for family medicine, showed me the way medical care is meant to be performed, kept me energized throughout the past four years of hard work, and opened doors I couldn't have imagined when I first signed up. You are missing out if you don't come at least once to experience the energy and connect with like-minded students and residents from across the country.

I have met other students, residents, and physicians from all over at National Conference. Knowing them has helped make the whole residency application process go more smoothly. These valuable connections have provided guidance and encouragement as I've pursued various projects throughout medical school.

I also enjoy attending the wide variety of educational programming at National Conference. It provides an entertaining, informative view of the most important recent studies from practicing family doctors who are experts in the evidence-based practice world. You can then go back and share the information with your preceptors on your rotation. They’ll be impressed with your new knowledge, too.

The Expo Hall is a great place to meet different programs from all across the country and find ones you are truly interested in. Visiting the Expo Hall helped me narrow down the programs I applied to and saved me application and interview travel fees in the long run. Also, the energy of the Expo Hall is just amazing. It’s great to see how many family medicine residencies there are, how enthusiastic everyone is about their programs, and the sheer number of students there who are excited to be going into family medicine.

Attending National Conference was one of the best choices that I made during medical school.

— Lizzy McIntosh, Student Chair

You can discuss relevant issues, submit and give testimony, and vote on resolutions at the Student and Resident Congresses. The resolutions we pass are then passed directly to AAFP leadership and used to guide the future direction of the AAFP. You can also learn about getting involved in national leadership opportunities within the AAFP. Many positions are elected during the Congress sessions, while others are appointed soon after the conference.

National Conference is an incredible event that will inspire you and equip you to be a better doctor. It has allowed me to reconnect with old friends and make lots of new ones, and I am so glad the AAFP provides an opportunity to bring us all together each year.

Feel free to reach out if you have any questions, and I hope to see you in Kansas City.

Lizzy McIntosh, Student Chair