Resident and Student Congresses

About the Congresses

The National Congress of Family Medicine Residents (NCFMR) and the National Congress of Student Members (NCSM) traditionally meet during National Conference. These bodies were created more than 35 years ago as the official voices of residents and students in the AAFP. Through these forums, resident and student members elect their national officers and advocate for a wide variety of issues and causes. Many of the initiatives launched by residents and students are now AAFP policy. Many family medicine leaders got their start in the resident and student congresses.

Candidate Information

Resident and Student leader positions elected at National Conference include:

  • Resident and Student AAFP board members
  • Resident and Student National Conference chairs
  • Resident and Student Delegates to the AAFP Congress of Delegates
  • FMIG Network National Coordinator
  • Resident and Student Representatives to the boards of the AAFP Foundation
  • Student Member of the Society of Teachers of Family Medicine Board of Directors

You may also view the Candidate’s Forum on demand after the event. Delegates must cast their votes before Thursday, August 6.

Consider getting involved and running for office 

Delegate Information

Each year, AAFP constituent chapters designate one student member and one resident member to serve as chapter delegates to the National Congress of Family Medicine Residents (NCFMR) and the National Congress of Student Members (NCSM). While any resident or student member of the AAFP may participate in online discussions , only chapter delegates are eligible to vote in elections.

If you are interested in serving as a delegate (or alternate delegate) to your congress, contact your chapter executive.

  • Delegate FAQ(167 KB PDF) — Designated delegates should use this guide to manage responsibilities before, during, and after National Conference.

2020 Annual Reports

Family medicine residents and medical students are deeply ingrained into the leadership and governance structure of the AAFP. Each year, dozens of residents and students across the country are elected or appointed by their peers to represent their voices in a leadership capacity.

Find annual reports from 2020 resident and student representatives.