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At National Conference, we know the value of making meaningful connections along the journey of family medicine. Through our new, innovative platform, you’ll be able to choose from a variety of ways to network, interact, and engage with other attendees, residency programs, sponsors and exhibitors, and even speakers.

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Feature Programming

Black Men in White Coats Discussion Group
Thursday, July 29

Keep the conversation going after watching the film Black Men in White Coats. The film challenges viewers to consider the implications for health disparities when the medical workforce lacks diverse physicians who reflect the patient population. View the documentary for free—here’s how—and come to the conference ready to share your thoughts and join this important discussion.  

American Family Physician Podcast (sort of) Live!
Friday, July 30

During this fun, entertaining, and informative session, residents, faculty, and musicians from the award-winning AFP Podcast will share highlights from the year including new music, a new game show, and key learning points. Hosts will also be present for a live Q&A.

Networking Sessions

Throughout your time at National Conference, you’ll have access to multiple networking rooms that will feature smaller groups for live on-camera discussion. You can choose from more than 70 breakout rooms that will feature unique topics that are important to attendees—like Member Interest Groups (MIGs), shared interests, career planning, governance and leadership, an opportunity to discuss session topics after the sessions end, and more.

Create Your Connections

Much like an in-person event, many of our networking opportunities give you a chance to meet other medical students and family medicine residents along the journey with you. From live on-camera small group discussions to 1:1 meetings with residency programs and private chat conversations, there will be chances for you to meet and interact with other attendees live and share experiences together to create lifelong relationships.

From sports medicine to maternal care, to rural medicine and direct primary care, a family medicine career is what you make it. Participate in conversations specific to planning for your careers so you can confidently prepare for what’s ahead.

Networking Sessions Include:

  • CV Prep for Students
  • CV Prep for Residents
  • Academic Family Medicine
  • Ask a Chief Resident

Family medicine is a rich specialty ingrained in the real lives of patients and family doctors. Some of the National Conference workshops address topics that you may not encounter in other medical school and residency training.  Continue those discussions in these networking sessions and dive into understanding how you can improve the lives of the communities you serve.

Networking Sessions Include:

  • Black Men in White Coats
  • Health Equity
  • International Medical Graduates
  • Underrepresented in Medicine 

One of the most important components of National Conference is connecting with peers who understand your journey and mentors who can guide you. Conversing with other students, residents, and practicing physicians who share your interests and are passionate about family medicine is all part of the experience!

Networking Sessions Include:

  • Rural Health
  • Direct Primary Care
  • EMR Optimization
  • Lifestyle Medicine
  • Adolescent Medicine
  • OB
  • Global Health Special Interest Group 

Casual conversation in a virtual setting! These sessions offer an opportunity to engage with others live and on-camera at National Conference. Have informal discussions with residency programs—ask questions and learn if they align with your goals and identify the programs you want to schedule 1:1 meetings with during National Conference.  Attendees will have an opportunity to “hop” from session to session.

Networking Sessions Include:

  • NORTHEAST–New England Region | Connecticut, Maine, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, Rhode Island, Vermont
  • NORTHEAST–Mid-Atlantic Region | New Jersey, New York, Pennsylvania
  • MIDWEST–East North Central Region | Illinois, Indiana, Michigan, Ohio, Wisconsin
  • MIDWEST–West North Central Region | Iowa, Kansas, Minnesota, Missouri, Nebraska, North Dakota, South Dakota
  • SOUTH–South Atlantic Region | Delaware, Florida, Georgia, Maryland, North Carolina, South Carolina, Virginia, District of Columbia, West Virginia
  • SOUTH–East South Central Region | Alabama, Kentucky, Mississippi, Tennessee
  • SOUTH–West South Central Region | Arkansas, Louisiana, Oklahoma, Texas
  • WEST–Mountain Central Region | Arizona, Colorado, Nevada, New Mexico, Utah
  • WEST–Pacific Region | California, Hawaii, Oregon
  • NORTHWEST Region | Washington, Wyoming, Alaska, Montana, Idaho

Participating in leadership and governance networking sessions provides the opportunity to meet with American Academy of Family Physicians (AAFP) leadership and learn about AAFP priorities and how they will impact your future career. These sessions also allow you to engage with peers on key issues important to your education, training, and future practice.

Networking Sessions Include:

  • Emerging Leader Institute Mixer
  • Primary Care Leadership Collaborative
  • Resolution Writing Discussion Group—Advocacy
  • Resolution Writing Discussion Group—Education
  • Resolution Writing Discussion Group—Health of the Public & Science
  • Resolution Writing Discussion Group—Continuing Professional Advancement
  • Resolution Writing Discussion Group—Membership & Member Service
  • Resolution Writing Discussion Group—Practice Advancement

The networking at National Conference is hands down what I value most about the experience. Networking with people who have these similar passions is beyond powerful and is what makes conference so special. Relationships gained through national conference are irreplaceable. Being surrounded by future and current family physicians who share the same passion as I do for my patients and specialty is indescribable. There is so much love and support and comradery that is unmatched anywhere else.

— AuBree LaForce, NC21 Student Chair

I have met many lifetime friends and mentors through networking at the conference.
Every year at National Conference is like attending a family reunion, and I am able to catch up
with my family medicine ‘family’.

— Amanda Stisher, MD NC21 Resident Chair