Connect With Exhibitors at National Conference

Build Connections at National Conference

Now is the time to start discovering your career in family medicine. During National Conference, you’ll have the opportunity to directly speak with residency programs, physician employers, recruiters, and so much more.

Before you arrive, have a mental list of personal needs and priorities you want answered.

Prioritizing Your Time in the Expo Hall

As you dive into researching the Expo Hall, make it fit your future goals. We’ve created a list to make the most of your time.

  1. Identify your most important needs (i.e. think residency programs, financial aid, future employment, etc.)
  2. Prioritize your list from most important to least important.
  3. Create a set of questions unique to your goals.
  4. Visit each exhibitor on your list, but don’t be afraid to keep your options open—you never know who you’ll meet!

Browse the Expo Hall

You’ll have access to 500+ exhibitors during your time at National Conference.
Browse the list below to see which exhibitors you are interested in to plan out your networking time.

(A) Search or sort exhibitors by: 

  • Clicking on a letter in the alpha-index. 
  • Enter a search term (the company name or a keyword) in the keyword search box and specify if that search term should only be in the exhibitor's name by checking the "Only in Exhibitor Name" box.
  • Sort and filter Exhibitors by clicking on the icons above the Exhibitor List to bring the exhibitors that have these features to the top of the listing results. 
  • Utilize the Advanced Search tab by following step 4 below.

(B) Create a favorites list by clicking on the star to highlight and add the exhibitor to the My Exhibitors tab and to your My Planner. 

  • Click the star again to empty and remove just that exhibitor from your favorites list. 
  • Click the half highlighted star to clear all favorites.

(C) You may print the full list by clicking the Print icon in the upper right-hand corner of the page.

(D) The Advanced Search tab offers a keyword search, geographic location, an event-specific list of drilled-down categories to search by or other search criteria as determined by the event management team.

(E) Click the plus (+) signs to see more options.

Q: How do I search by keyword?

A: Keyword searches are derived from the exhibitor profile field. Try searching keywords an exhibitor would use in their profile to receive the best results. Results of keyword searches may not always appear, as they are based on search criteria. For example, be sure to search with just your keyword and not any other factors like geographical location unless you wish to have exhibitors with that keyword only in that location. If you prefer a broader search, be sure to take out other criteria and only search by keyword. Alternately, if you receive too many results for a keyword, try other criteria like categories, location or other factors under the Advanced Search tab.