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Make meaningful connections. You’ll be able to have informal discussions and conversations with different residency programs to guide and inform your decisions about which programs to pursue. Come prepared with what you’re looking for in a program, a list of your must-haves, and where you would like to live during your residency. As you meet more potential programs, the vision for your future will come into focus.

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Steps for Finding the Right Residency

As you delve into your research, make it personal. Check out some of our top tips for finding a residency program that aligns with your dreams and goals—and find even more in Strolling Through the Match.

  1. Identify your most important features for a residency program—like location, faculty, cases, call schedule, program focus areas, and more
  2. Prioritize your list into negotiables and non-negotiables
  3. Create a set of questions unique to you to ask program directors and residents
  4. Compare your priorities with their answers to see how your needs stack up with their programs
  5. Keep an open mind—you never know what may surprise you along the way!

Browse the Residency Programs

You’ll have access to hundreds of residency programs from around the country—all in one virtual platform. You can start your research now! Browse the list below to see what participating programs you’re interested in and plan how you’d like to use your networking time at National Conference. 

List is current as of July 4, 2021.


Meet 1:1 or check out our regional meetups for a casual networking environment.

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