Audience Engagement System

Use the Audience Engagement System (AES) via the PDW-RPS app to submit questions from your smartphone, tablet or laptop. Also find your knowledge gaps by participating in polling questions.

How to participate:

  • Click the PDW or RPS icon from the app dashboard.
  • Click the session.
  • Click the audience engagement button, if applicable.
  • You are ready to participate.

How to answer polling questions:

  • When the instructor presents a question, he/she will first read through the entire question and possible answers. They will advance the slide and the question will appear on your device for you to select the best answer.
  • Select your response and push the submit button; you can then watch live results on how others are voting.

How to ask questions during the session:

  • To ask questions, go to the Social Q&A area and click on Ask. Submitted questions are anonymous but they are public.
  • If you see a question you think is important, click on its arrow button to increase the chances of the instructor answering it.

For all sessions using AES, a question has been added asking for your email address. This is so you can be included in any follow-up communication from the presenter(s).