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    FPM May/June 2021

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    The Career Issue

    Exploring Practice Options, Physician Leadership Skills, Finding Your Side Gig, Navigating Employment Contracts, and More

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    Your Family Physician Career Is Bright   

    As an employed family physician or resident preparing to transition into practice, it's vital to understand the terms of your contract and how to negotiate your agreement to protect your best interests and ensure career success and well-being.

    To support you as you navigate your career path, access the latest resources including advice from fellow family physicians, practical guides to employment contracting, and an instructive Family Medicine Practice Hack video on negotiating your employment agreement.


    Getting Paid

    Getting Paid

    You’ve done the work; you should be paid for it ― in full. Learn all you need to claim what you’ve earned.

    Managing Your Practice

    Managing Your Practice

    You went into medicine to help patients, and running an efficient practice plays a key role. Find the tools you need.

    Managing Your Career

    Managing Your Career

    Whether you’re new to practice or a seasoned pro, find ways to advance your career and nurture your well-being. 

    Value-based Delivery and Payment Models

    Value-Based Delivery & Payment Models

    Value-based primary care is here to stay. Review delivery and payment models to decide what works for your practice.

    Questions about the 2021 E/M Office Visit Guidelines?

    Watch the "Demystifying the 2021 Office Visit E/M Guidelines" webinar recording and download the FAQ to receive answers to frequently asked questions about the new guidelines, which went into effect January 1, 2021.