• Acknowledgment

    We would like to thank the following individuals for their contributions to the content and design of the toolkit.

    Panel of Family Medicine Experts

    • Jessica J. Burkett, MD
    • Ramona Chube, MD
    • Elizabeth Glazier, MD, MPH
    • Ashkan Javaheri, MD
    • Julius F. Metts, MD
    • Kristin M. Nebel, DO
    • Daniel G. Orr, MD
    • Matthew L. Rios, MD
    • Vicki J. Roberts, MD

    AAFP NRN Project Leadership Team

    • Natalia Loskutova, MD, PhD
    • Emily Bullard, MPH
    • William Venable, MBA, MPA
    • Craig Smail, MA, MS

    Expert Consulting

    • Eric Vidoni, PT, PhD

    This AAFP Cognitive Care Kit has been developed by the American Academy of Family Physicians in collaboration with Eli Lilly and Company. Additional thanks to the AAFP’s National Research Network Members and Staff for their support and expertise in the development of this toolkit.

    Special thanks to our partners offering specialized services for project execution.