• Suggested resources are those that the AAFP panel of experts have chosen as the most effective, comprehensive, and evidence-based information.
    • Additional resources provide additional resources and approaches physicians, patients, families, caregivers and support team members may find useful in providing care for patients with cognitive impairment.

    Suggested Physician Resources

    Antipsychotic Medication Reference
    The Antipsychotic Medication Reference is a list of antipsychotic medications, indications, side effects, and issues that would contraindicate use of the antipsychotic medications. Many antipsychotic medications are not approved for the treatment of patients with dementia-related psychosis.

    Dementia Care Practice Recommendations for Assisted Living Residencies and Nursing Homes
    The Alzheimer’s Association Campaign for Quality and Residential Care created a resource for physicians to manage patients through later stages of the disease. The guide provides strategies, recommendations, and guidance on issues such as talking with families, decision-making, choosing facilities for care, and other parts of care management.

    Autopsy Information
    This brief primer can offer steps that are needed to prepare for autopsy and managing the process for a patient who has Alzheimer’s disease.

    Additional Physician Resources

    Managing Dementia Across the Continuum
    Adapted from ACT on Alzheimer’s®, Managing Dementia Across the Continuum is a comprehensive listing of resources for mid-to-late stage case management for the dementia patient.