• Related Resources

    The resources provided in this section include general information on multiple aspects of addressing cognitive impairment with your patients.

    Clinical Provider Practice Tool
    The Clinical Provider Practice Tool is adapted from ACT on Alzheimer’s®. It includes a comprehensive listing of resources for a diagnostic assessment, case management, and disclosure with a patient who has dementia.

    Assessment Scales in Dementia
    This article provides descriptions of various assessment tools for cognitive impairments.

    Dementia Care Management Toolkit
    Provided by the Alzheimer’s Association of Greater Los Angeles, the Dementia Care Management Toolkit provides primary care professionals with tools to support dementia care management, including assessment instruments and tools for family and caregivers to meet patient needs.

    Health & Aging, A-Z Topics
    From the National Institute of Aging, the Health & Aging, A-Z Topics page provides a detailed listing of topics on health and aging concerns. It includes information on many topics of family medicine, including cognitive impairment.

    Comprehensive Geriatric Assessment
    The Comprehensive Geriatric Assessment provides a systematic protocol to address multiple geriatric conditions, such as functional impairment and dementia that are common and can be unrecognizable in older patients.