• Test Your Knowledge of IPF

    Idiopathic Pulmonary Fibrosis

    Breath sounds recorded from patients with IPF:

    Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disorder

    Breath sounds recorded from patients with COPD:

    Normal (Healthy) Breath Sounds

    Breath sounds recorded from healthy patients:

    Take the IPF Quiz

    1.      The breath sounds associated with IPF are

    A.      Wheezes.
    B.      Crackles.
    C.      Rhonchi.

    2.      IPF-related breath sounds are typically heard

    A.      During inspiration.
    B.      More prominently with coughing.
    C.      Over any lung region.

    3.      IPF-related breath sounds are changed little by which of the following?

    A.    Body position
    B.    Expiration
    C.   Coughing

    4.      Which of the following distinguishes breath sounds related to IPF from those related to COPD?

    A.      Abnormal breath sounds in COPD are frequently heard during expiration, and coughing may cause some of these sounds to disappear.
    B.      Fine crackles are associated with COPD and coarse crackles are associated with IPF.
    C.      Crackles are heard during middle to late inspiration with COPD and at the beginning of inspiration with IPF.

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