• Developing and Assessing Clinical Practice Guidelines


    The American Academy of Family Physicians develops evidence-based clinical practice guidelines (CPGs), which serve as a framework for clinical decisions and supporting best practices and are a key aspect of patient-centered care. Clinical practice guidelines include recommendations intended to optimize patient care that are informed by a systematic review of evidence, and an assessment of the benefits and harms of alternative care options. CPGs should follow a sound, transparent methodology to translate best evidence into clinical practice for improved patient outcomes.

    But not all CPGs are created equal. That’s why the American Academy of Family Physicians (AAFP) reviews guidelines developed by other organizations, endorsing those that are relevant to family medicine and meet criteria for methodological rigor and transparency.

    This video series offers an opportunity for members to learn more about the development and assessment of clinical practice guidelines.  



    You can be part of the AAFP’s process for evaluating and developing CPGs.

    Email clinicalpolicies@aafp.org to find out how.

    Session 1: Overview of Clinical Practice Guidelines 

    Session 2: Overview of Evidence

    Session 3: Moving from Evidence to Recommendations 

    Session 4. Assessing the Quality of Clinical Practice Guidelines