Earn CME credit on new AAFP activities and access additional COVID-19 education resources.


    AAFP Virtual Town Hall On Demand

    Did you miss an AAFP's Virtual Town Hall on COVID-19 session? Now you can watch it anytime, anywhere on demand. Each session is approved for 1 AAFP Prescribed credit.

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    AAFP COVID-19 CME Webinar Series On Demand

    Did you miss an AAFP's COVID-19 CME Webinar Series session? Now you can watch it anytime, anywhere on demand. Each session is approved for 1 AAFP Prescribed credit. Earn up to 2 additional AAFP Prescribed credits when you complete the Translation to Practice® (t2p®) process.

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    Pandemic Self-Study Package: COVID-19

    The following free sessions are approved for AAFP Prescribed credit. More sessions will continue to be added.

    Session 1: Pandemic Fundamentals: Detection and Response 
    Understand pandemics and their impact to clinics and communities. It includes specific information for COVID-19 screening and testing. 

    Session 2: COVID-19 Applied Cases: Mild, Moderate and Severe Symptoms
    Apply current COVID-19 pandemic guidelines, protocols, and review resources (CDC, WHO, and AAFP) to care for your patients in your office. 

    Session 3: COVID-19 Applied Cases: Symptomatic and Asymptomatic Patients
    Care for your symptomatic and asymptomatic patients by applying current COVID-19 pandemic guidelines, protocols, and review resources (CDC, WHO, and AAFP).

    Session 4: COVID-19: Physician Well-being in the Time of the Pandemic
    Apply skills learned to alleviate the stress and cope with the trauma experienced while providing care to your patients in the time of a global pandemic.

    Session 5: COVID-19 Applied Cases: Pregnancy and Pediatrics
    Care for all of your obstetric, pediatric and breastfeeding patients by utilizing resources and applying current COVID-19 pandemic guidelines.

    Session 6: COVID-19: Maternity Care
    Understand recent developments and research related to transplacental transmission from coronavirus disease, and risks for newborns, infants, and toddlers.  

    Session 7: COVID-19: Isolation, Quarantining, Testing and Returning to Work for Patients and Clinicians
    Hear recommendations for returning to a safe clinical work environment and managing testing with limited supply.

    Session 8: COVID-19: Emerging Infectious Diseases with Emphasis on COVID-19
    Learn what is known about COVID-19 as an infectious disease. Including current understanding of the epidemiology, risk factors for severe disease, surveillance and reporting, and population strategies to prevent spread.

    Session 9: COVID-19: Navigating Difficult Discussions
    Apply the tools provided to help you manage and discuss difficult issues around death related to COVID-19.

    Session 10: COVID-19 Testing: Fundamental and Application to Practice
    Review the current COVID-19 testing options, strategies and use of testing, and how they may be accessed.

    Session 11: COVID-19: Virus Recovery and Treatment
    Learn from a recovered COVID-19 patient to help develop recovery and follow up treatment plans for your patients.

    Session 12: COVID-19: Special Populations and Demographic Connection
    Understand the correlations between the African American population and severe cases of the COVID-19 disease.

    Session 13: COVID-19: Special Populations High Risk Individuals
    Identify special populations at higher risk for contacting COVID-19 and review guidance that encourages protection.

    Session 14: COVID-19: Providing Comprehensive Pediatric Care During COVID-19
    Understand how to provide full spectrum care related to your pediatric patients in a safe way during a pandemic.

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    Enrichment Credit

    We know that you are diligently working to keep up on COVID-19. Did you know that all of the reading and independent study that you are doing can be counted as CME credit? This independent study can be claimed as Professional Enrichment credit. Simply go to www.aafp.org/mycme choose the Report CME tab and look for Professional Enrichment in the Self-Directed Learning Activities section. Limited to 25 AAFP Elective credits per three-year re-election cycle.