• Vaccine Availability, Distribution and Administration

    Updated June 24, 2021

    All individuals over the age of 12 are eligible to receive a COVID-19 vaccine. As supply continues to increase, jurisdictions will be expanding vaccination sites into small primary care offices and community centers. Find where vaccines are being given in your area.

    In Maryland, 17 primary care clinics were selected for a pilot program in that state to test family medicine’s vaccine reach - and the concept is spreading. Participating family medicine peers share their experiences in the article, As COVID-19 Vaccinations Slow, FPs Begin Delivering More Doses.

    Want to give the vaccine in your office?
    Here's what you need to know.

    Jurisdictions will be working with the CDC to identify areas of high social vulnerability and reaching out to primary care clinicians in those areas, if they're signed up to provide vaccine. Read more about this effort

    The CDC and other federal agencies are working to distribute vaccine doses to states and jurisdictions. At this time, limited vaccine quantities are available, so vaccine appointments may be difficult to find as more states open slots to all eligible individuals. CDC has provided a COVID-19 Vaccine Finder to assist in finding locations with available vaccine. Additionally, many jurisdictions have provided phone numbers to aid individuals without access to internet. 

    Counseling Patients

    Studies continue to show that a strong recommendation from their physician is the number one reason individuals get vaccinated. AAFP has compiled patient education resources to help you answer questions, dispel myths, and give that strong recommendation for the COVID-19 vaccine.