• Global Health

    The Wide-Reaching Effects of Global Health

    Because the health of patients within U.S. borders is affected by the health of populations worldwide, and health outcomes in other countries can be affected by developments in the U.S., you have a significant stake in global health issues.

    • 30,000: Average number of refugee arrivals in the U.S. in 20192
    • 272 million: Number of international migrants worldwide in 20193
    • 44.4 million: Approximate number of foreign-born people currently living in the U.S.4

    Get Involved

    Global health involvement allows you to:

    • focus on vulnerable populations worldwide;
    • use the resources, knowledge, and experience of diverse societies to address health challenges; and
    • combine population-based health promotion and disease prevention with individual-level care.

    CGHI Participation Opportunities

    The AAFP offers you a wide variety of information, tools, and resources on global health.






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