• Global Health

    The Wide-Reaching Effects of Global Health

    Because the health of patients within U.S. borders is affected by the health of populations worldwide, and health outcomes in other countries can be affected by developments in the U.S., you have a significant stake in global health issues.


    Average number of refugee arrivals in the U.S. in 20192

    272 million

    Number of international migrants worldwide in 20193

    44.4 million

    Approximate number of foreign-born people living in U.S.4

    AAFP Center for Global Health Initiatives (CGHI)

    Learn about the AAFP's commitment to global health and those who are leading this effort.    

    Global Health Summit is Now Part of FMX 2022 

    September 20-23, 2022  

    The AAFP Global Health Summit will be part of the AAFP Family Medicine Experience (FMX) this fall in Washington, D.C.. Look for opportunities to network and learn with global health colleagues and fellow family physicians at the Summit and throughout FMX. 

    Global Health Programming During FMX

    • Global Health Research Poster and Podium Presentations: Tuesday, Sept. 20, 10:30 a.m.
    • Global Health Member Interest Group (MIG) Networking Meeting: Details TBD

    Stay tuned for more information as opportunities for Global Health learning and networking develop!

    Global Health Information and Resources





    Webinar Replay: Ethics in Global Health – Exploring Cases in Partnerships and Clinical Care

    This is the first webinar in a series of Global Health Mentorship webinars jointly developed by AAFP CGHI and STFM GHEC (Global Health Educators Collaborative).

    Watch this interactive discussion with family physician experts in global health ethics to learn how ethical principles can be used to guide activities and partnerships. 



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