• Center for Global Health Initiatives Advisory Group

    The CGHI Advisory Group consists of family physicians with a mix of academic and global health backgrounds and a diverse skill set that can be used in creating and further developing AAFP Global Health activities and resources. The Advisory Group includes up to 9 members, with one chair, up to five positions for AAFP members, and one representative for each of the following: Student, Resident, New Physician, and the AAFP Foundation.

    *Early career Physician members are those who have graduated within the 7-year timeframe up to the conclusion of the advisory group’s term.

    Scope of Work

    • Provide subject matter expertise and guidance on global health issues to AAFP leadership and members.
    • Work within the organization to develop global health resources for AAFP members.
    • Advise on activities and initiatives to support students, residents, faculty, and practicing physicians’ engagement in global health.
    • Assist with program development for the annual AAFP Global Health Summit and other global health educational activities.
    • Provide policy and practice expertise to assist the AAFP in its advocacy efforts.

    Other responsibilities may include:

    • Serving as an AAFP liaison/representative to external organizations.
    • Serving as an AAFP presenter at non-AAFP conferences or meetings.

    The AAFP Early Career Physician Member will have an additional role as follows:

    • Serving as the US and AAFP new physician representative to Polaris, the Wonca North America Young Physician group.  
    • Regularly communicating with AAFP resident and student representatives to the Polaris Executive and AAFP staff, as well as with the WONCA Polaris Executive from Canada and the Caribbean.
    • Participating in and contributing to the Polaris Executive strategic planning process and implementation.


    Advisory Group members must:

    • Be an active AAFP member 
    • Demonstrate interest and involvement in global health, with a proven track record of global health engagement (e.g., participation in missions; global health education at the medical school/residency program level; Global Health Center; global health track, rotation, or elective; international family medicine/primary care/public health consultations; mentoring students or residents; etc.)

    Term of Service

    Advisory Group members are appointed on a staggered basis and will serve a two-year term with the option to serve two terms for a total of 4 years.

    Covered Expenses

    Advisory Group members are recommended to apply as faculty at the AAFP’s annual Global Health Summit. Members of the Advisory Group who are not faculty will receive financial assistance to support their attendance at the AAFP Global Health Summit.


    Email the Center for Global Health Initiatives at cghi@aafp.org