• New Physician Member to the AAFP Center for Global Health Initiative (CGHI)

    Help plan the AAFP Global Health Summit, take the lead in preparing and facilitating the Global Health Networking Meeting at the National Conference, and participate in Polaris-related activities. Receive mentoring from established leaders in global health.

    Polaris is WONCA North America's Young Physicians Movement that includes medical students, residents and new physicians.

    Application Deadline: Nov. 29, 2021

    CGHI Advisory Board members are involved in the following activities.

    • Designing and planning AAFP global health initiatives through expert advice, consultations, and guidance to CGHI staff, AAFP leadership, and Board of Directors.
    • Planning and implementing AAFP educational and networking activities related to global health.
    • Providing mentoring for medical students, residents, and new physicians interested in global health. Board members are also afforded mentoring opportunities from established global health leaders.


    CGHI Board member responsibilities include:

    • Attending the CGHI Advisory Board Interim meeting and meetings during the annual Global Health Summit.
    • Serving as core faculty at the annual Global Health Summit.
    • Participating in conference calls to assist with planning of the Global Health Workshop and to discuss AAFP global health strategy, initiatives, and activities.
    • Sharing expertise and knowledge relevant to global health with AAFP staff and members.
    • Offering subject matter expertise on global health content and resource development.
    • Supporting AAFP global health initiatives through communications with members via CGHI social media outlets.
    • Provide input to global health-related communications
    • Be a US and AAFP new physician representative on the Polaris Executive Committee
    • Communicate regularly with the AAFP resident and student representatives to the Polaris Executive and AAFP staff, WONCA Polaris Executive from Canada and Caribbean
    • Provide an annual report to the AAFP to be submitted to the AAFP CGHI. This report will be used to inform the AAFP Board of Directors of Polaris activities
    • Participate and contribute in the Polaris Executive strategic planning process and implementation

    Other responsibilities may include:

    • Serving as an AAFP liaison/representative to external organizations.
    • Serving as an AAFP presenter at non-AAFP conferences or meetings.

    Eligibility Criteria

    • Must be in first seven years after residency completion
    • Demonstrate interest and involvement in global health

    Time commitment: Approximately 10-15 days including weekends and one hour per month for conference calls.

    Funding: Provided for CGHI Advisory Board Interim meeting attendance, Global Health Summit attendance, and one face-to-face WONCA or Polaris meeting.

    Application Summary

    Required elements of the application include: Letter of Interest, Letter of Support from a peer, and a Photo. 

    Meeting Schedule

    AAFP Global Health Summit TBD Location rotates
    CGHI Advisory Board Interim Meeting TBD Kansas City, MO
    WONCA Polaris Executive Meeting TBD Location rotates
    AAFP National Conference  July 28-30, 2022 Kansas CIty, MO