• Global Health Organizations Founded/Operated by AAFP Members

    African Cultural Exchange

    Founder and President: Reginald Hughes, MD

    The African Cultural Exchange, Inc. (ACE) is a non-profit organization founded in 1989 to provide cross-cultural links between Americans and Africans. TACEXCHANGE is a 501(c)(3) organization incorporated in the state of New York. The main thrust of the activities centers around providing American expertise and skills for short-term rural development efforts in African villages. These also involve sharing interpersonal relations with the rural communities while working with them in community activities.

    Countries: Sierra Leone, Liberia, Senegal, Kenya, Ghana, Uganda, Guinea, Gambia, South Africa, UK, Benin

    (917) 862-2864
    (888) 748-0843

    AMOS Health and Hope

    Founder: Laura Chanchien Parajon, MD, MPH

    AMOS Health and Hope is a non-profit Christian organization that seeks to improve the health of impoverished communities working alongside them in health, education and development in Nicaragua. To reduce existing health inequities for the poorest people in Nicaragua using the strategy of community based primary health care (CBPHC), a comprehensive approach to improving health that links communities to facility-based care, emphasizes equity and the role of social determinants of health, and encourages the active participation of communities themselves.

    Country: Nicaragua

    Rev. Dr. Tim Spring, Board Secretary
    3088 Haberlein Rd.
    Gibsonia, PA15044
    (240) 232-6874

    Andean Health & Development

    Founder: David Gaus, MD

    Andean Health & Development (AHD) is changing the health and well-being of the poor in rural Ecuador by providing quality medical care based on an innovative and proven model of local self-sustainability. AHD is also helping to build Ecuador’s health care infrastructure by operating the only rural teaching hospitals in Latin America that are training tomorrow’s physicians to serve the needs of the region’s poor communities.

    Country: Ecuador

    UW Department of Family Medicine
    1100 Delaplaine Ct.
    Madison, WI 53715
    (619) 788-6833 


    Founder/Director: Jorge Duchicela, MD

    Cachamsi is a non-profit international medicine program located in the Andean highlands of Ecuador. We cater to medical students, resident doctors, and other practitioners (for example, independent physicians, nurses, health care workers and providers). Cachamsi is one of the few international medicine rotations that offers structured Medical Spanish classes as well as volunteer opportunities among a unique indigenous population. Participants will gain an appreciation of cross-cultural medicine, and enjoy a vibrant and stimulating experience in Ecuador.

    Country: Ecuador

    Jorge Duchicela, MD
    402 Youens Drive
    Weimar, Texas 78962
    (979) 725-8545/(979) 561-6319


    Founder and President: Daron G. Ferris, MD

    CerviCusco is a Peruvian non-profit medical center located in the Andes Mountains of Peru. Considered a Center of Excellence in cervical cancer prevention, CerviCusco also provides family medicine and women’s health care services despite ability to pay. In addition, we offer life-altering learning experiences for students and residents. As a Peruvian NIH-certified clinical research center, CerviCusco also conducts US NIH- and industry-funded, and investigator-initiated clinical research. As a national leader, CerviCusco developed the first telepathology center, offers the first liquid-based cervical cytology tests and instituted the first comprehensive HPV vaccination program in Peru. Our rural outreach program enables extraordinary care of an impoverished, disenfranchised indigenous population.

    Country: Peru

    Daron G Ferris, MD
    (706) 394-5428

    Child Family Health International

    Founder: Evaleen Jones, MD and Jessica Evert, MD, Executive Director

    Child Family Health International (CFHI) provides community-based Global Health Education Programs for students and institutions. Our unique model fosters reciprocal partnerships and empowerment in local communities, transforming perspectives about self, healing and global citizenship. A new effort between Child Family Health International and the AAMC's Global Health Learning Opportunities (GHLO®) Collaborative will provide medical students new learning opportunities at eight CFHI sites in sub-Saharan Africa, including Ghana, South Africa, Uganda, and Tanzania.

    Countries: Argentina, Bolivia, Ecuador, Ghana, India, Mexico, Philippines, South Africa, Tanzania, Uganda

    2369 Ocean Ave. #200
    San Francisco, CA 94127
    (415) 957-9000

    Darul Qalb

    Director: Ahmad Akhtar, MD

    Darul Qalb is a nonprofit organization dedicated to advancing healthcare and well-being in underserved communities. Our flagship programs include a pioneering rheumatic heart disease (RHD) screening initiative, which is the first of its kind in the region. This program aims to detect and manage RHD cases early, ultimately reducing the burden of this preventable disease on communities. Additionally, Darul Qalb is at the forefront of medical education, offering groundbreaking Point-of-Care Ultrasound (POCUS) training for medical students. This initiative not only enhances diagnostic capabilities but also empowers future physicians with essential skills for family medicine practice.

    Darul Qalb is actively involved in developing maternal health initiatives, recognizing the importance of comprehensive care for expectant mothers and their families including use of ultrasound during perinatal care in area with low resources. For more information and inquiries, please contact us at contact@darulqalb.org

    Country: United States

    Contact: contact@darulqalb.org


    Founder/Board Member: Stephanie Van Dyke, MD

    Engeye is a non-profit organization that empowers the people of Ddegeya village in rural Uganda. We accomplish this mission by supporting healthcare, education, and community development. Engeye strives to be a model for international partnership that enables individuals, families and communities to achieve their full potential through access to compassionate healthcare, quality education, and economic opportunity. We envision thriving communities and lives transformed through the power of their own enterprise. The organization works together with the local staff to fully empower personnel of the Engeye Health Clinic through sustainable projects that will further enable the clinic to stand on its own.

    Country: Uganda

    P.O. Box 11613
    Albany, NY 12211

    Guatemala Village Health

    Director of Development: Jennifer Hoock, MD and Board Member: Teresa Wallace, MD

    Guatemala Village Health is a group of health workers, engineers, teachers, administrators, college students and kids, working to improve the health, education and economic prosperity of rural villages in Guatemala.

    Country: Guatemala

    1265 South Main St., Ste. 303-D
    Seattle, WA 98144
    (206) 339-3352

    Haiti Health Initiative

    Vice President: Marc Johnson, MD

    Haiti Health Initiative (HHI) is a nonprofit organization dedicated to improving the health, and therefore, the quality of living in rural Haiti. HHI is currently focusing its efforts on the village of Timo, hoping to promote health principles among the population so that one day, the village’s continued health will be self-sustainable. HHI volunteers travel periodically to Timo and provide basic health services, supplies, and training sessions to the village’s people. Haiti Health Initiative aims to improve the overall health and wellbeing of rural Haitians, one community at a time by providing education and services in primary health care, dental care, public health, and nutrition within each community at risk.

    Country: Haiti

    (801) 830-3043

    Health Environmental Learning Program (H.E.L.P.)

    Founder: Lani Ackerman, MD

    Health Environmental and Learning Program (H.E.L.P.) was founded in 1999 by an American doctor and an ecologist. It is an interdenominational Christian organization and community development program. The areas of the Himalayas where H.E.L.P. labors are among the least developed in the world. H.E.L.P. conducts free monthly health trainings and refresher trainings for Christian leaders both in the headquarters and in the villages.  These trainings focus on developing compassionate Village Health Workers and Traditional Birth Assistants.  These young people volunteer their services, but are given close follow-up, continued training, and encouragement as well as provide basic preventive and curative health services in areas where there is none.

    Country: Nepal

    18648 Snowy Plover Circle
    Anchorage, AK 99516

    Health Horizons International

    Founder: Craig Czarsty, MD, DABFM

    Health Horizons International provides quality primary health care to underserved patients of the Dominican Republic and builds local capacity for achieving improved community health. Through partnering international medical service trips with community-based health initiatives, they work to promote well-being and access to health care.

    Country: Dominican Republic

    One Regency Drive
    Bloomfield, CT 06002
    (860) 243-3977

    Health In Harmony

    Founder and President: Kinari Webb, MD

    Health In Harmony is an international organization that invests in innovative solutions that promote Alam Sehat Lestari (ASRI), our pilot program partner in West Kalimantan, Indonesia. We provide financial and administrative support for the operation of ASRI and its projects, ultimately promoting a healthy planet.

    Country: Indonesia (Kalimantan)

    107 SE Washington Street, #480
    Portland, OR  97214
    (503) 688-5579

    Health Leadership International Seattle

    President: Ted Doughten, MD

    Health Leadership International is a Seattle-based volunteer organization comprised of professionals in the fields of education, healthcare, social services and technology/media. Our volunteers are committed to building sustainable health projects in the Lao PDR. Health Leadership International works to strengthen health systems and advance sustainable, creative solutions through medical education and global partnerships with local leaders.

    • Health Leadership International relies upon the expertise of in-country leaders to identify their own healthcare and training needs
    • Health Leadership International has a team leader from the host country or culture at the helm of each project
    • Health Leadership International is committed to building and continually improving a sustainable, culturally competent and outcome-based educational model
    • Health Leadership International recruits volunteers who approach their work out of a deep appreciation and respect for other cultures

    Country: Laos

    PO Box 38 B
    1463 East Republican Street
    Seattle, WA 98112
    (800) 603-6035

    Heart to Heart International

    Founder: Gary Morsch, MD

    Heart to Heart International (HHI) is a disaster relief/humanitarian non-governmental organization. We respond to disasters around the world and in the US.  HHI also has a Custom Order program where we provide medicines and medical supplies to qualified organizations at a greatly reduced price. Two decades ago, HHI began with a group of volunteers wanting to do more for people and inspire more people to do. HHI has grown into a humanitarian NGO with a global reach, impacting lives in numerous ways for the better. HHI passion is to create a healthier world through mobilizing as many volunteers, partners and donors as possible to make health care more accessible for all people.

    Country: Haiti

    Eddie Meyer
    13250 W. 95th St.
    Lenexa, KS 66215

    Hillside Health Care International

    Medical Director: Ann Colbert, MD

    Hillside Health Care International is a faith inspired, non-profit organization dedicated to serving God by providing medical care, disease prevention, and health education to the people of Southern Belize. All of our services are provided free of charge to the people of the Toledo district and made possible by donors from around the world. We also offer global health education with academic credit for medical trainees, providing them the opportunity to learn while serving.

    Country: Belize

    Hillside Health Care International
    6650 W. State Street, Unit D #111
    Milwaukee, WI 53213
    (267) 331-8114
    (short term volunteers)
    (long term volunteers)

    Hope International Services (H.I.S.)

    Executive Director/Founder: Kathleen Bliese Walk, MD, FAAFP

    Hope International Services exists to promote Christian missionary endeavors worldwide with an emphasis on planting churches through healing crusades, and training Christians and their leaders through international radio and short-term ministry.

    Countries: Russia, Bangladesh, Pakistan, Nigeria, Malawi, Mozambique, Kenya, Zambia, South Africa, Zimbabwe, Uganda, and Rwanda

    Hope International Services
    P.O. Box 5472
    Grand Island, NE 68802
    (402) 680-3286

    HOPE Worldwide

    Country Director (Bolivia): Kevin Broyles, MD

    HOPE Worldwide was founded in 1991 in response to the call of the Scriptures to serve the poor, sick and suffering throughout the world. The organization began with just three small programs dedicated to bringing hope to vulnerable communities. In Abidjan, Ivory Coast, HOPE Worldwide established an HIV/AIDS clinic to meet the critical health needs of a country plagued with disease. A medical clinic in Mexico City, Mexico provided treatment for children without access to quality healthcare.

    Children were also the focus of educational outreach programs in Bangalore, India. In collaboration with the International Churches of Christ, HOPE Worldwide quickly expanded its reach, building relationships with partner organizations and mobilizing thousands of volunteers. While maintaining its Biblical foundation, HOPE Worldwide was compelled to find new and innovative ways to fight poverty, respond to disasters and foster a culture of volunteerism. Today, HOPE Worldwide serves more than 1.5 million people annually on every inhabited continent.

    Country: Bolivia


    Kevin Broyles, MD
    4231 Balboa Ave. #330
    San Diego, CA 92117
    (610) 254-8800


    Founder: Nicholas Comninelis, MD, MPH, DIM&PH

    Many physicians are inspired to serve the world’s most poor. They discover however, that diseases are unfamiliar, resources are minimal, cultural is challenging, and leadership is lacking. INMED - the Institute for International Medicine - exists to answer these challenges by equipping physicians with the unique skills to serve forgotten people. This is accomplished through CME-accredited global health courses and supervised clinical rotations in 25 developing nations, leading to a Diploma in International Medicine & Public Health (DIM&PH).

    Countries: Africa: Angola, Cameroon, Ethiopia, Ghana, Kenya, South Africa, Tanzania, Uganda, Zambia.
    Asia: Bangladesh, China, India, Macau, Pakistan, Papua New Guinea, Philippines, Thailand.
    Middle East: Jordan, United Arab Emirates.
    Central/South America: Dominican Republic, Haiti, Honduras.

    Elizabeth Burgos
    2340 E. Meyer Blvd., Bldg #1, Ste. #338-A
    Kansas City, MO 64132
    (816) 444-6400

    Interhealth South America Ecuador

    Founder: Don Wedemeyer, MD

    Interhealth South America has been coordinating study and service programs in Ecuador for North American health professions students and resident physicians since 1999. The program encompasses direct patient care, as well as an onsite introduction to Ecuadorian and South American primary, community, and public health services. In addition, emphasis is placed on medical Spanish language acquisition, with practical skills development in patient interviewing and examination. The format provides guided group and individual clinic experiences and service in global health, coordinated with immersion language learning.

    Country: Ecuador

    30404 Holly Drive USF
    Tampa, Florida 33620
    (813) 425-2096

    The Kellermann Foundation

    Founder: Scott Kellermann, MD

    The Kellermann Foundation's mission is to provide resources for health, education, spiritual outreach, and economic empowerment for the benefit of the Batwa pygmies and adjacent communities. The 112-bed full-service hospital is ranked among the best in Uganda. Its services include medical and surgical care, a colorful pediatric ward, a neonatal unit for premature or sick infants, demonstration gardens, a Waiting Mothers’ Hostel where expectant mothers can stay before giving birth safely at the hospital, and much more. Community health programs bring mobile clinics to remote settlements, treat local residents, and educate all local citizens about the value of good nutrition, prenatal care, and how to prevent diseases, including malaria and HIV/AIDS.

    Country: Uganda

    P.O. Box 832809
    Richardson, TX 75083
    (972) 685-0279

    Medical Mission Called to Serve

    Founders: Juana Hernandez, MD, FAAFP

    Medical Mission Called to Serve, Inc. is a team of compassionate and diverse medical and non-medical volunteers who work together in harmony to meet the physical and spiritual needs of the impoverished population through health care and hope.

    Our mission is to offer free medical and pharmacy services to entire families living in the poor rural areas of the Dominican Republic who cannot afford or have limited access to medical care. Most often patients arrive with many ailments that can be prevented, therefore, we emphasis health education into our program to improve health in the mind, body and spirit.

    As part of our mission of serving, we donate school supplies and small toys for the children who visit our mission and also offer a snack and something to drink to everyone who stands on line in the heat of the day to see a physician.

    Countries: Dominican Republic and South America

    125 South State Road 7, Ste. 104-230
    Wellington, FL 33414

    Mobile Medical Team International

    President/Executive Director: Naureen A. Shaikh, MD

    Mobile Medical Team is a nonprofit providing medical care, disaster relief, and health education to underserved populations in the San Francisco Bay Area and internationally. Projects include offering accessible health care to un- and under-insured children, seniors, and people with special needs, providing disaster relief, and building clinics and health education programs in resource poor communities across the globe.

    Countries: Peru, Tanzania, Pakistan

    111 Second Street
    Sausalito, CA 94965
    (415) 332-2600

    Peru Affairs Cooperations

    Director of volunteer services: Adrianna Kordek, MS4

    Peru Affairs Cooperations allows people from around the globe to help the beautiful country of Peru while exploring a new culture, digging into exotic foods, and practicing Spanish. 60% of the Peruvian population receives healthcare through the Ministry of Health, and we assist several of these clinics in poor Cusco neighborhoods. Volunteers have the opportunity to work in rehabilitation, ophthalmology, pediatrics, infectology, optometry, dentistry, orthodontics, surgery, and wound-care. We also provide medical supplies to a public hospital deep in the Amazon Rainforest where volunteers may work in a unique setting treating tropical diseases.

    While in Peru, volunteers have the option to stay with several amazing host families. These gracious hosts offer safe, affordable housing, home-cooked meals, guidance, support, and great conversations to foster a welcoming environment for our volunteer family.

    Country: Peru


    Physicians Aiding Physicians Abroad – PAPA Missions

    Founder/Chairman: Kyle Sheets, MD

    PAPA Missions aspires to provide medical care to underserved populations worldwide by establishing, supporting, and maintaining mission hospitals and by delivering aid to those in need and affected by disaster. The mission and reach of PAPA goes far beyond just caring for the physical ailments of the suffering, although it is a huge purpose of its existence. PAPA Missions was started by Dr. Kyle Sheets in 2003 with the intent to provide practical help to other physicians who had a desire for medical missions, but not practical experience in planning mission trips. The vision for PAPA Missions began in Zimbabwe, but since its inception, PAPA has sent dozens upon dozens volunteers to six different countries and has shipped medical supplies worth millions of dollars to needy medical facilities around the world.

    Countries: Zimbabwe, Haiti, Cameroon

    3004 50th St. Suite D
    Lubbock, TX 79413
    (816) 729-9061

    Project MediShare

    Founder: Arthur Fournier, MD

    Project Medishare is dedicated to providing comprehensive health and development services and building capacity in Haiti. Project Medishare’s work saves lives and forms the foundation upon which larger social change is built. The organization treats more than 180,000 people annually and operates:

    • The country’s only critical care and trauma hospital;
    • The only Newborn and Pediatric Intensive Care Units for the sickest premature infants and children;
    • Multiple rural community health clinics;
    • A major cholera treatment facility; and
    • The nation’s most advanced prosthetics facility.

    Project Medishare also mobilized the first medical team on the ground in Haiti just 12 hours after the devastating 2010 earthquake.

    Country: Haiti

    Project Medishare for Haiti
    P.O. Box 381208
    Miami, FL 33238-1208
    (305) 243-6685


    Project World Health

    Founder: Family Practice Student Organization University of South Florida College of Medicine

    Project World Health is a unique program developed by the Family Practice Student Organization at the University Of South Florida College Of Medicine. The program involves educating medical students in international medical issues through service and promoting awareness of other medical systems and health issues of other countries. Each year, our team of medical students, physicians, and nurses travels to an international location in desperate need of healthcare with the objective of setting up multiple temporary health clinics. At these clinics, we meet the needs of the local community by providing patient care, health education, and preventative medicine. Our services are invaluable to these communities where access to basic healthcare is severely limited. With the invaluable assistance of local volunteers and clinic, children and adults in the surrounding rural and urban areas attend our clinics in large numbers. We are able to see between 2,500 and 3,000 individuals over the course of the week and provide these people with the only health care they may receive for the year.

    Countries: Dominican Republic (Jarabacoa)

    University of South Florida College of Medicine
    12901 Bruce B. Downs Blvd., MDC 04
    Tampa FL 33612

    Seed Global Health

    Director of FM Program/Interim Chief Medical Officer: Esther Johnston, MD, MPH

    Seed Global Health educates a rising generation of health professionals and health Educators, bolstering the pipeline of healthcare providers who have local knowledge and deep ties to the region. By teaching local health professionals, entire communities and countries can benefit from the “ripple effect” created when more skilled clinicians are better prepared to care for the population and serve as Educators themselves for and alongside their local peers. These skilled professionals also become leaders in their health system, advocating for better health in a positive feedback loop.

    Seed is uniquely focused on placing skilled and qualified Educators at partner institutions for a minimum of one academic year as well as supporting Educators and partner institutions through a diverse and complementary package of services aimed at advancing health professional education in the classroom and clinical setting. The net result is better care and better health for the population.

    Countries: Liberia, Malawi, Swaziland, Tanzania, and Uganda

    20 Ashburton Place, 6th Floor
    Boston, MA 02108
    (617) 366-1650

    Shoulder to Shoulder

    Founder: Jeff Heck, MD

    Shoulder to Shoulder, Inc. began providing health care services in western Intibucá, Honduras in 1990, six years prior to its official American incorporation. Shoulder to Shoulder focuses its efforts in the areas of basic health care, advanced medicine, dental services, education programs, community health programs, and nutrition within the communities we serve. By incorporating these areas into our care and outreach, we are able to lay a solid foundation for public health issues that affect the communities we serve. Over the last 23 years, Shoulder to Shoulder has expanded to include the municipalities of Santa Lucia, San Antonio, Magdalena, Concepción and San Marcos de Sierra. Today, Shoulder to Shoulder is responsible for the health of over 36,000 rural Hondurans.  Shoulder to Shoulder’s American-based physicians and staff are 100% volunteer.

    Country: Honduras


    Timmy Global Health

    Co-Medical Director: Brett Hesse, MD

    Timmy Global Health expands access to healthcare and empowers students and volunteers to tackle today’s most pressing global health challenges. To achieve this goal, Timmy sends medical service teams to support the work of international partner organizations and channels financial, medical, and human resources to community based health and development projects. Through our work, we strive to empower volunteers to lead the fight for global health equity and help deliver the promise of a healthy future – one patient at a time.

    Countries: Dominican Republic, Ecuador, Guatemala, and Nigeria

    22 E. 22nd St.
    Indianapolis, IN 46202
    (317) 920-1822

    Volunteers in Medical Missions

    Founder: Stoney Abercrombie, MD

    Volunteers In Medical Missions (VIMM) is a team of Christian Doctors, nurses, and many other volunteers that minister to the physical & spiritual needs of children & adults in developing countries throughout the world. VIMM provides opportunities for Christian medical professionals & other volunteers to experience missions first-hand.

    Countries: Belize, Haiti, Honduras, Ecuador, Peru, Nicaragua, Tanzania, Panama, Kenya

    265 South Cove Rd.
    Seneca, SC 29672
    (864) 885-9023

    WEEMA International

    Founder/President/Executive Director: Elizabeth McGovern, MD

    WEEMA International is a non-governmental organization working in southwestern Ethiopia. Our goal is to work with local communities to create conditions in which people can thrive and dream about a brighter future. Many Ethiopians do not have access to some of the basic necessities for human survival and dignity—clean water, education, economic opportunity and adequate healthcare. When we can meet those needs, through community-driven collaboration, we can dramatically improve people’s quality of life and make the world a better place.

    Country: Ethiopia

    68 Harvard St. #3
    Brookline, MA 02445