• AAFP National Research Network (NRN)

    The AAFP National Research Network (NRN) was established in 1999 to cultivate, conduct, and disseminate primary care research in a practice-based setting. 

    The AAFP NRN assists in realizing overall strategies for achieving improved primary care for the nation. We ask important questions and advance evidence related to practice transformation, health information technology (HIT), population health, cost reform/new payment models, and team-based care.

    Annual Report: A Review of Research Accomplishments

    The past year was full of achievements thanks to the generosity of our members, partners and collaborators. Their commitment to primary care research remained steady even as the COVID-19 pandemic took hold on our country. Highlights include:

    • Conducting more than 35 active primary care research projects.
    • Publishing more than 50 journal articles and conference presentations.
    • Selecting two new Family Medicine Discover Rapid Cycle Scientific Discovery and Innovation scholars to pursue projects on predicting gun violence and using acupuncture for chronic pain management.

    Explore the 2020-2021 AAFP NRN Annual Report to learn more about our work to improve health care and benefit the health of patients, families, and their communities.  

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