• AAFP National Research Network (NRN)

    Established in 1999, the AAFP National Research Network is the nation’s largest practice-based research network working at the forefront of identifying new medical knowledge.

    Through its national membership of physicians and clinicians, the AAFP National Research Network cultivates, conducts, and disseminates primary care research that improves health of patients, families, and their communities. The network examines, describes, implements, and advances medical knowledge through implementing programs and selecting studies based on relevance to family medicine and interest of its members.


    NRN research projects strengthen and improve primary care.

    Nearly 2,400 members are involved in research projects.

    This research directly impacts more than 870 practices.

    The AAFP National Research Network assists in research that may strengthen and improve primary care for physicians, practices, patients, and communities. We ask important questions and advance evidence related to practice transformation, health information technology, population health, cost reform/new payment models, and team-based care.

    Our team of interdisciplinary experts is comprised of clinicians and PhD researchers, project managers, research assistants, data analysts, program coordinators, grants and financial administrations, and an expansive network of experienced family medicine research colleagues outside of AAFP. 

    The project portfolio reflects members' needs and aligns with the AAFP's strategic priorities. Our projects involve a vast array of topics, ranging from practice advancement needs to chronic disease management to emerging needs of the family medicine specialty.

    Our Mission

    Primary care research that improves health care and benefits the health of patients, families, and their communities.

    Our Vision

    A robust network of family physicians and clinicians engaging to advance knowledge that promotes and provides optimal primary care to all.


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