• Engaging with the AAFP NRN

    Benefits of Engagement

    • All primary care clinicians may become a member at an individual, practice, or organizational level. Medical students and residents are not able to become full members at this time, but they may participate in a study through the involvement of their University.
    • Participation in the AAFP NRN is free of charge and the amount of involvement is left completely up to the physician.
    • AAFP NRN members are not required to be a member of the AAFP.
    • Our projects vary from quick surveys to more involved randomized control trials that are often related to incorporating changes into your practice.
    • Practices are often compensated for their time, but, due to funding, this may be limited. While each study is different in this regard, we are committed to making AAFP NRN studies worth the effort for physicians who volunteer to participate.
    • Most family physicians who participate in the AAFP NRN find the studies do not interfere with patient care. They enjoy the satisfaction that comes from contributing to new medical knowledge and strengthening the research base of Family Medicine. Help advance family medicine and improve your practice!
    • Be matched with other members, researchers, and clinicians with similar research interests.
      Build relationships with academic researchers or clinicians; join the research community.
    • Expand your professional and personal networks and advance your career.
    • Share your experience with others and influence your peers.

    Collaborate on a Grant Application

    • Leadership and Senior Scientists in the AAFP NRN are open to discussing potential research ideas and may be able to assist in identifying potential funding opportunities.
    • There are on-going opportunities to serve as a Co-Investigator, consultant, or content expert on research proposals.
    • Be a peer reviewer on AAFP NRN research proposals.
    • Co-author journal articles
    • Attend and present at conferences as a part of the research team

    You can contact Brian Manning at bmanning@aafp.org for more information.

    Funding an AAFP NRN Study

    The NRN receives funding from government agencies such as the Agency for Healthcare Quality and Research (AHRQ), the National Institutes of Health (NIH), and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), as well as various pharmaceutical companies and private foundations.

    Interested in funding a research study? Contact the AAFP Foundation at 800-274-2237, ext. 4454.

    Apply to Become an Advisory Group Member

    For all roles (with the exclusion of liaisons, student, residents, and fellows) this is a two-year term with the chance to renew for one additional two-year term. Advisory Group members may be asked to advise the Network Director in matters pertaining to the strategic plan, research agenda, and engagement of new and established members of the AAFP NRN. This group meets once in-person and 2-3 times by conference call on an annual basis.

    Interested in applying for the Patient or Patient Advocate Member Role? Download the Patient Member document or the Patient Advocate document. See a list of current members.  

    Affiliated PBRNs

    The AAFP NRN is affiliated with numerous regional practice-based research networks through formal agreements to join forces and pool collective resources to collaborate on research for the best possible outcomes.

    The AAFP NRN is open to continued affiliation with additional PBRNs in order to facilitate knowledge sharing in the areas of research methodology and biostatistics; facilitate resource sharing in the area of information technology, network management, and communication; and increase the diversity of the population of patients cared for by the combined network members.

    All AAFP NRN members can also explore membership in their regional PBRN.

    Affiliated Regional Networks 

    The AAFP NRN currently has signed affiliation agreements with the following regional practice-based research networks:

    • Oklahoma Physicians Resource/Research Network(www.okprn.org) -- Oklahoma City, OK
    • Kentucky Ambulatory Network, University of Kentucky(www.mc.uky.edu) (KAN) -- Lexington, KY
    • BIGHORN Research Network(www.ucdenver.edu) -- Aurora, CO
    • Colorado Research Network(www.ucdenver.edu) (CaReNet) -- Aurora, CO
    • High Plains Research Network(www.ucdenver.edu) (HPRN) -- Aurora, CO
    • Southern Primary Care Urban Research Network(www.spurnetwork.org) (SPUR-NET) -- Houston, TX
    • USC Department of Family Medicine PBRN(www.lanetpbrn.net) (LANet) -- Alhambra, CA
    • Upstate New York Practice Based Research Network(fammed.buffalo.edu) (UNYNet) -- Buffalo, NY
    • Virginia Ambulatory Care Outcomes Research Network(www.familymedicine.vcu.edu) (ACORN) -- Richmond, VA
    • Residency Research Network of South Texas(familymed.uthscsa.edu) (RRNet) -- San Antonio, TX
    • New Jersey Primary Care Research Network(rwjms.umdnj.edu) (NJPCRN) -- New Brunswick, NJ
    • Connecticut Center for Primary Care(www.centerforprimarycare.org) -- Farmington, CT
    • UAB Dental Practice Based Research Network(www.dental.uab.edu) -- Birmingham, AL
    • South Texas Ambulatory Research Network(familymed.uthscsa.edu) (STARTNet) -- San Antonio, TX
    • Free Clinic Research and Educational Engagement Network(pbrn.ahrq.gov) (FreeNet) -- Tampa, FL
    • Capital Adirondack Practice-based Research Network, Cap-Ad (Latham, NY)
    • Arkansas Practice-Based Research Network (ArkPBRN), Little Rock, AR
    • Soluna Health, Inc and Mobile Medical Team International Network (MMTI), Sausalito, CA