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    AAFP Member News Feature

    Wilson Pace, MD, was featured in the AAFP’s News. Pace served as the director of the AAFP NRN. Read more about Pace here

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    Enrollment Up for PREPARE Study

    Enrollment is up for a study that evaluates a new inhaler strategy for asthma patients. More than 500 patients have enrolled in the PeRson EmPowered Asthma RElief (PREPARE) study. It compares a treatment strategy, called Patient Activated Reliever-Triggered Inhaled CorticoSteroid (PARTICS) to usual care. The study tests the PARTICS strategy in African-American and Hispanic patients with asthma.

    After enrollment, patients take monthly surveys for 15 months, in which they provide information about their symptoms. More than 500 patients are now enrolled across multi-site areas, and we are two-thirds of the way through the 18-month recruitment phase. Sites with the highest enrollment are Montefiore Medical Center/Albert Einstein College of Medicine, University of Florida, Mount Sinai, University of North Carolina, and University of Pennsylvania.

    The PREPARE study is funded by the Patient-Centered Outcomes Research Institute (PCORI). To help with enrollment, the AAFP NRN hired two new staff members: Nicole Sztokman and Angela Lanigan. Welcome to the PREPARE study team, Nicole and Angela!

    AAFP NRN Opportunities

    AAFP NRN Member Offers Advice about Participating with the AAFP NRN

    The Montefiore Medical Center and Albert Einstein College of Medicine first worked with the AAFP NRN on a research study more than a decade ago and is now a study site for PREPARE. The site has previously participated in other asthma studies with the AAFP NRN. Lead physician Diane McKee, MD, and study coordinator Claudia Lechuga, work with their team to make research part of their practice. McKee is the director of the New York City Research and Improvement Networking Group (NYC RING), a practice-based research network. McKee offered advice for physicians thinking about participating with the AAFP NRN. She suggested participating on one project or study to try it out. She says, it lets you reflect on your practice in a different way and exercise a different part of the brain.

    “Ultimately, the goal of primary care research is improved outcomes. Research creates an opportunity to identify gaps, innovate, and evaluate, then disseminate,” McKee said.

    When asked why primary care research is important in a practice, she offered, “primary care research allows physicians to ask our own questions, instead of relying only on specialist’s conclusions about care strategies. It is important to take a whole-person perspective when treating disease. Specialists have a different perspective than primary care. Outcomes in primary care need the opportunity for research to evaluate and innovate care.”

    Proposals to PCORI

    The AAFP NRN has submitted two new proposals to the Patient-Centered Outcomes Research Institute (PCORI).

    Joseph LeMaster, MD, MPH, professor at the University of Kansas Medical Center and a senior scientist with the AAFP NRN, submitted a proposal called, “Building PCOR capacity with newcomer patients in practice-based research networks: completing the CIRRCLE.” LeMaster would serve as the project lead.

    Christina Hester, PhD, MPH, research director at the AAFP NRN, submitted a proposal called, “Building sustainable infrastructure to disseminate PCOR and CER findings to primary care audiences.” Hester would work with the AAFP’s divisions of Practice Advancement and Marketing on this project, and she would serve as the project lead.

    AAFP NRN Activities


    Elisabeth Callen, PhD, AAFP NRN senior data scientist, was accepted as a fellow into the 2018-2019 Grant Generating Project (GGP) by the North American Primary Care Research Group (NAPCRG). Congratulations, Beth!


    Nicole Grossman, Elliot Israel, Gheorghe Doros, Anne Fuhlbrigge, Wilson Pace, Nicolas Fandino, and Michael Wechsler published, “Susceptibility to exacerbations in black adults with asthma” in the Journal of Asthma.

    Jennifer Carroll, Gerald Pulver, Miriam Dickinson, Wilson Pace, Joseph A. Vassalotti, Kim S. Kimminau, Brian K. Manning, Elizabeth W. Staton, and Chester H. Fox will publish, “Effect of clinical decision support strategies on 2 chronic kidney disease outcomes in primary care: a cluster randomized trial” in the JAMA Network Open (In press).

    Brandon H. Hidaka, Christina Hester, Kristina M. Bridges, Christine M. Daley, and K. Allen Greiner published, "Fast food consumption is associated with higher education in women, but not men, among older adults in urban safety-net clinics: a cross-sectional survey” in Preventive Medicine Reports


    Barbara Resnick, Sherri Sheinfeld-Gorin, Natalia Loskutova, and Renuka Tipirneni will present, “The annual wellness visit: implementation in real world settings and associated findings” at the 70th annual scientific meeting of the Gerontological Society of America in November 2018.

    Elisabeth Callen, Jennifer Carroll, Cheryl Jernigan, Rebecca Mullen, and Kim Kimminau will present the poster, “Patient-clinician-researcher engagement: steps needed to transform relationships, clinical care and research in family medicine” at the 11th Annual Conference on the Science of Dissemination and Implementation in Health in December 2018 in Washington, DC.

    Check Out Our Presentations at NAPCRG

    The following researchers presented at the North American Primary Care Research Group’s (NAPCRG) annual meeting in November 2018 in Chicago.

    Cory Lutgen, Elisabeth Callen, and Natalia Loskutova presented the poster, “Feasibility and outcomes of cognitive impairment screening in primary care.”

    Brian Manning, Joel Shields, Jennifer Carroll, and Wilson Pace presented the poster, “Central IRB experience: findings from a large pragmatic multi-site asthma study.”

    Christina Hester, Vivian Jiang, Gillian Bartlett, Andrew Bazemore, Jennifer Carroll, Jennifer DeVoe, Perry Dickinson, Alex Krist, Winston Liaw, Ronna New, and Tom Vansaghi presented, “Mapping research capacity: what your family medicine organizations are doing for you.”

    Angela Lanigan, Kevin Fiscella,  Mechelle Sanders, Michele Boyd, Marie Thomas, Subrina Farah, Jennifer Carroll, and Emily Bullard presented, “A brief intervention addressing and promoting a team-based approach to the patient’s cost of medication concerns.”

    Rebecca Mullen, Kim Kimminau, Jennifer Carroll presented, “Patient engagement for research, quality improvement, and innovation in care: current assessment from the field.”

    Natalia Loskutova, Cory Lutgen, and Elisabeth Callen presented the poster, “Primary care physician perspectives on clinical trials: a qualitative study.”

    Cory Lutgen, Abigail Rolbiecki, Joseph LeMaster, Abu Mosa, and David Mehr presented the poster, “Physician perspectives of a photo-elicitation intervention designed to support patient-centered approaches to managing chronic pain.”

    Mechelle Sanders, Jennifer Carrol, Angela Lanigan, Subrina Farah, Michele Boyd, Marie Thomas, and Kevin Fiscella presented the poster, “An intervention to improve cost of medications conversations in primary care.”

    Holly Ann Russell, Jennifer Carroll, Steven Barnett, Jamil Lane, Lynn Moll, Melanie Murphy, Silvia Sorensen, Martha Tuttle, and Xupin Zhang presented the poster, “Using a group medical visit model to improve motivation for healthy behavior change.”

    Benjamin Crenshaw, Abu Mosa, Abigail Rolbiecki, and David Mehr presented, “An online framework for managing longitudinal data in PRBN research.”

    Natalia Loskutova and Elisabeth Callen presented, “A God, a guide, a gatekeeper? Reflections on the role of a family physician in shared decision making and clinical trials.”

    Jodi Holtrop, Bethany Kwan, Natalia Loskutova, Hillary Lum, Amy Huebschmann, Phoutdavone Phimphasone-Brady, and Russell Glasgow presented “Dissemination and implementation science (DIS) in primary care research: an introduction to key DIS frameworks and how to apply them.”

    Christina Hester presented, “Mapping family medicine research capacity” at the NAPCRG board meeting Tuesday, November 13, 2018.


    Attend the NAPCRG’s 2nd International Conference on Practice Facilitation (ICPF 2018) held Decemeber 10-11, 2018, in Tampa, Florida. To learn more, visit the NAPCRG website for registration information.

    Attend the Society of Teachers of Family Medicine’s (STFM) Conference on Practice Improvement December 6-9, 2018, in Tampa Flordia. The conference brings togethers providers, researchers, educators, and practice administrators to reimagine health care delivery, education and technology. To learn more, visit the STFM website for registration information.