• Hepatitis C Survey of Family Physicians

    Study Description and Methods

    In a survey of 1,200 AAFP family physicians, we examined their perceptions of hepatitis C screening and treatment barriers. This data will help with the development of educational materials regarding hepatitis C for family physicians and other generalist clinicians such as general internists.

    Specific Aims and Objectives

    The purpose of this survey project was to gather information on physicians’ beliefs, knowledge, barriers, and clinical practices surrounding screening, diagnosis, and treatment of the hepatitis C virus.


    This project was conducted from April 28, 2003 through March 31, 2004.


    This project has been completed. See below for Key Findings and Publications.


    Convocation of the American Academy of Family Physicians Research Network, March 19, 2004, Kansas City, Mo.

    North American Primary Care Research Group meeting, October 11, 2004, Orlando, Fla.

    Key Findings and Publications

    Family physicians know how to identify high-risk people and test for hepatitis C. Most prefer to refer patients with hepatitis C to specialists for workup and treatment but report frequent barriers to those referrals.

    Access the complete manuscript:

    Hepatitis C Diagnosis, Management, and Treatment by Family Physicians. Clark EC, Yawn BP, Galliher JM, et al. Fam Med 2005 Oct;37(9):644-649.

    Contact Information

    For additional information about this study, please contact:

    AAFP National Research Network
    1-800-274-2237 x3180

    This was funded by a grant from Schering-Plough.