• Osteoarthritis of the Knee in Primary Care

    Study Description and Methods

    This project investigates the use of an FDA-approved therapy option that uses Sequential Electrical Stimulation (SES). SES delivers an interferential current to relieve pain followed by muscle stimulation to restore muscle function and is intended for safe use by patients in the home. This project will examine the delivery interface among the physician, the company providing the device (RS Medical), and the patient. We will assess the feasibility of using the primary care setting as “one stop shopping” for different patient services such as the delivery of SES and how offering such services affects the normal operations of the practice.


    This project was conducted in the Fall of 2010.


    This project is currently closed.

    Contact Information

    For additional information about this study, please contact:

    AAFP National Research Network
    1-800-274-2237, x3180


    This project was funded by an unrestricted grant by RS Medical.