• Step 5: Spread the Change to Others

    Have the team answer the following questions to determine if the change is ready to spread to others in your clinic or health system.

    1. Does the team support the rationale behind the need for the change?
    2. Have the intervention(s) been tested under various conditions with data to document positive change and support dissemination?
    3. Does the team feel comfortable that the change(s) resulted in improvement
    4. Has the team considered the costs and/or any negative impact from the change?
    5. Do the physician champion and office champions have support for spreading the change/interventions to others in the clinic or organization?
    6. Has the team planned for potential resistance to implementing the change and identified approaches to deal with it? (Some initial resistance or doubt is expected, but staff with fears and concerns must have them addressed or they may sabotage successful dissemination.)
    7. Is the quality improvement team willing to share their experiences and lessons learned to help others implement the change?
    8. Does the clinic or health system’s executive leadership support dissemination and allocation of the staff or financial resources needed for wide dissemination
    9. To summarize the project, will a team member provide a summary of the project with discussions about any barriers to overcome during implementation, including what the team learned and what didn’t work? (Options for sharing project highlights could include a report, storyboard, or informal presentation.)

    If you were able to answer 'yes' to many of the questions above, it's time to think about expanding your successes. Once your team is comfortable with the improvements to your immunization plan, you're ready to spread the change to others in your healthy system or community. Consider gathering your team to answer the questions below about who you could spread that change to and how that would occur.

    10. To whom should the change be spread? (Other physicians in the clinic, other locations, entire health system?)

    11. What is the proposed dissemination plan? Think about:

    a. Who will lead the team?

    b. Will the plan be disseminated in phases?

    c. How will the plan be communicated?

    d. What resources are available and what else will be needed to implement the plan?

    e. How will success be measured?

    Printable Version

    Print these questions and answer them with your team to determine whether you're ready to spread your change to others.