• Shots Immunizations App

    The Shots app, a collaboration between the American Academy of Family Physicians and the Society of Teachers of Family Medicine, is no longer available.

    Please visit the CDC website to access current immunization schedules.

    When the Shots Immunizations app began, it served an important need by providing clinicians with current Immunization Schedules in a handy format – literally, in the palm of their hands as well as on their computers. Much has changed since then. Other immunization apps, like the CDC Vaccine Schedules app, are now available. In addition, the Advisory Committee on Immunization Practices (ACIP) and the CDC have begun updating vaccine recommendations and schedules more frequently. 

    These changes have prompted the AAFP and STFM to discontinue the Shots app for two primary reasons: 

    • We want family physicians and educators to have the most current information available, and the frequent ACIP updates made it difficult for us to keep the Shots app current. 

    • The CDC app provides current and regularly updated Immunization Schedules and serves as a reliable resource for our members to use as an alternative to Shots.  

    The AAFP and STFM celebrate the Shots immunization app and the significant impact it has had on the lives of thousands of clinicians and patients. We are grateful to the many people and organizations who have devoted time, talents, and financial resources to the creation and maintenance of the Shots Immunization app.

    For more vaccine information and resources for family physicians and educators, please visit www.aafp.org/vaccines