• Caring for Patients with Obesity

    Obesity is a major risk factor for many prevalent and dangerous population health issues, including heart disease, hypertension, stroke, cancer, and diabetes. Patients may struggle with overeating for multiple reasons, and require a customized, sensitive approach.

    One-third of adults and 17% of youth are considered obese.1 You play a critical role in counseling patients about healthy interventions to promote weight loss or prevent the onset of obesity. The AAFP offers you evidence-based, and practical obesity and fitness resources to support your patients’ weight management needs. These can help you:

    • Identify obstacles to nutritional eating habits and suggest alternative food choices.
    • Recommend positive behavioral strategies, such as approaches to cope with stress, cognitive behavior therapy options, food journaling, and establishing social support networks.
    • Set realistic physical activity goals.

    NEW! Obesity CME for the Family Physician

    Use proven strategies to manage obesity-related diseases and help your patients make healthy choices. Earn up to 11.75 CME credits.

    Offer Patient Education

    Provide easy-to-follow guidance to your patients with resources from familydoctor.org