• Early Childhood Literacy

    Resources to promote early childhood literacy in your practice

    As a family physician who cares for multiple generations within a single family, you are uniquely positioned to talk with parents and caregivers about the benefits of reading. This can positively affect attitudes and behaviors about reading.

    Research shows that reading to young children (ages 6 months to 5 years) not only provides healthy together time for parents, families and children, it also offers many lifelong benefits.

    • Increased vocabulary, curiosity, and memory;
    • Positive associations with books and reading;
    • Opportunities to build listening skills; and
    • A foundation for scholastic success.

    Take this a step further by creating a literacy-friendly practice.

    How to Get Started

    Reach Out and Read, the AAFP’s partner in early childhood literacy efforts, is an evidence-based, nonprofit organization of medical professionals that helps more than 6,400 physicians in all 50 states jumpstart discussions about reading. Reach Out and Read offers resources for both physicians and caregivers, including:

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