• The EveryONE Project

    An initiative to improve the health of all people.

    Results from our social determinants of health survey indicate that family physicians want to help address their patients' needs, but face many barriers in trying to offer the support they need. For example, 64 percent of family physicians feel they aren't properly staffed to address risk factors with patients.

    Transforming health care for everyone inspired The EveryONE Project by the AAFPThe initiative, which is part of the AAFP's Center for Diversity and Health Equity, offers education and resources to help you advocate for health equity, promote workforce diversity, and collaborate with other disciplines and organizations to reduce harmful health disparities.

    The Priorities

    Workforce Diversity

    Promote medicine as a legitimate career option for students from
    disadvantaged communities.

    Advocating for Health Equity

    Promote the passage of policies advancing health equity at the local,
    state and federal level.

    Interdisciplinary Collaboration

    Engage with your community and identify opportunities to improve public health and health equity.

    Education and Practice-Based Resources

    Explore resources to address social determinants of health and
    promote health equity.

    About The EveryONE Project

    The EveryONE Project is administered through the AAFP’s Center for Diversity and Health Equity (CDHE) to make an impact on health disparities. Contact CDHE at healthequity@aafp.org with questions.

    The EveryONE Project is supported in part by a grant from the AAFP Foundation.