• Black History Month

    Black History Month

    2022: A Focus on Black Health
    and Wellness

    Black History Month in February is an opportunity to celebrate the achievements of Black Americans and acknowledge where we still need to make progress.

    AAFP members drive our diversity, equity and inclusion efforts, through work that improves social determinants of health, and addresses systemic racism and inequalities in patient care. Our ongoing focus on health equity and health equity advocacy ties directly into the 2022 theme, “Black Health and Wellness.” It's work that not only advances the family medicine specialty, but also ensures the health care system works for every family physician and the patients you serve. 

    Several health-focused Black History Month web events are open access. They include:

    • Feb. 5: Race and Health Disparities in Urban African American Communities
    • Feb. 12: Black Bodies, Part I: Exploitation in Medicine
    • Feb. 27: Black Bodies, Part II: Race Norming in the NFL

    "The elimination of health disparities will not be achieved without first acknowledging racism’s contribution to health and social inequalities. This includes inequitable access to quality health care services. Our members see the negative health outcomes of racism in their patients who are often at an increased risk of heart disease, stroke, diabetes, low birth weight, premature birth and infant mortality." - Gary Leroy, M.D.

    Recent Member Articles & Blogs

    Reflecting on Health Disparities and Health Equity

    A Word from the President
    Recently, I was discussing health equity with some of my fellow AAFP Board members and was surprised to hear that there are people in their communities who question them about whether health disparities actually exist in our country. 

    Meet AAFP’s 2021-2022 Health Equity Fellows

    The program develops FPs into leaders who are subject matter experts on the social, institutional and cultural influences that impact patient health, and who can use that expertise to implement changes in primary care and their local communities.

    Rural Doc Working to Expand Access to Care

    A summer abroad in Ghana sparked Brittney Anderson's interest in rural medicine and the disparities related to access that people in the state face when traveling long distances for health care. 


    Recent Health Equity Reports 

    Report Finds Medical School Diversity Rising

    The class of students who entered medical school in the U.S. in the fall of 2021 is larger and more diverse than practically any class that has preceded it.

    Report Finds Widespread Health Inequities in U.S.

    An analysis confirms that substantial racial and ethnic health care inequities exist, even in states that are recognized as providing high-quality health care to their residents. 

    Addressing Health Equity and Systemic Racism

    The COVID-19 Health Equity Task Force's final report found improvements in hospitalizations, deaths and vaccination rates among Black and Hispanic individuals. 

    Report Addresses Causes of Disparities

    Certain populations were disproportionately affected by the pandemic. An HHS issue brief examines disparities and offers approaches to achieve health equity.


    An Initiative to Improve the Health of All People

    The EveryONE Project, part of the AAFP's Center for Diversity and Health Equity, offers education and resources to help you advocate for health equity, promote workforce diversity, and collaborate with other disciplines and organizations to reduce harmful health disparities.

    Looking Back