• National Minority Health Month

    Better Health Through Better Understanding l April 2023

    As a family physician, you have the power to advocate for the health of the communities you serve. The AAFP observes National Minority Health Month to further encourage that advocacy. “Better Health Through Better Understanding” is this year’s theme, and it focuses on providing minorities with culturally competent healthcare. We’ll discuss solutions to issues that impede care for diverse populations, while also highlighting the inspiring work of AAFP members.

    Culturally competent healthcare is more than a monthly focus for the AAFP, as one of our foundational values is to promote cultural proficiency to improve family physicians’ ability to provide high quality care to all patient populations.


    AAFP Members in Action

    Your colleagues are doing incredible work to address health equity issues and serve minority patients. We're putting their voices at the center, because it's their work that  paves the way for change. 

    Improving the Patient Experience 

    FPM, a peer-reviewed journal published by AAFP delved into the importance of a patient's experience with their care, and how to address the biggest issues that create patient dissatisfaction or frustration. 

    We Still Have Work to Do

    An important way for AAFP to honor NMHM is to recognize that we still have work to do to address racism and inequalities in patient care. We are focused on improving existing health care processes that negatively affect minority communities. Our advocacy is critical to ensure the health care system works for everyone. 

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