• The EveryONE Project

    Assessment and Action

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    Address Your Patients' Social Determinants of Health

    These tools can be used by family physicians and their practice teams to screen their patients for social determinants of health, identify community-based resources to help them, and work with patients to develop an action plan that encompasses social needsto help them overcome health risks and improve outcomes.

    Screen Your Patients

    Guide to Social Needs Screening

    This guide outlines the importance of screening for social determinants of health, and the rationale for the questions included in the screening forms.

    Social Needs Screening Tool

    The Social Needs Screening tool screens for five core health-related social needs, which include housing, food, transportation, utilities, and personal safety, using validated screening questions, as well as the additional needs of employment, education, child care, and financial strain.

    Identify Community-Based Resources

    Neighborhood Navigator

    Access community food, health care, financial assistance, transportation, and other resources to help your patients with their non-clinical health needs. 

    Develop an Action Plan

    A quick form to guide a discussion with your patients about their social determinants of health and document a plan to address them. The form is available in seven languages.