• AAFP Direct Primary Care Toolkit: Business Planning


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    Nonmember: $145

    A well-written business plan for your direct primary care (DPC) practice is one of the most important steps to position your new business for success. This course will help you determine the initial steps to establish and launch a new DPC practice.

    At the end of this course, participants will be able to:

    • Determine the initial steps to establish and launch a new direct primary care (DPC) practice
    • Identify the key aspects of a business plan
    • Evaluate financial planning concepts to manage business finances.
    • Estimate practice startup costs
    • Calculate ongoing costs, patient fees, and revenue for structure your membership fees
    • Two interactive, mobile-friendly online activities, including:
      • Business Planning
      • Financial Planning
    • Downloadable Excel workbooks to help you identify and budget for significant expenses
      • Start Up Costs Worksheet
      • Financial Pro Forma Calculator
      • Net Revenue and Physician Salary Calculator
    • Ready-to-use, downloadable tools, including:
      • Services Worksheet
      • Sample Checklist
      • Service and Technology Vendor Listing
    • Easy access to additional resources and references

    NOTE: Access to this topic will be available through December 4, 2023. All components of this product are provided as digital copies only.