• AAFP Direct Primary Care Toolkit: Marketing and Patient Engagement


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    The direct primary care (DPC) model has significant benefits for both the physician and the patient. It is important to effectively and clearly explain the value you are providing. Having an effective marketing strategy will be a key to your success. This course highlights best marketing practices from practicing DPC physicians while exploring ways to notify your existing patient panel.

    At the end of this course, participants will be able to:

    • Learn best practices for marketing a DPC practice
    • Identify and analyze your target market
    • Understand the benefits of conducting a patient survey to elicit feedback from existing patients
    • Develop a plan to notify patients of your conversion to DPC

    The marketing and patient engagement course:

    • Two interactive, mobile-friendly, online activites, including:
      • Marketing Your Direct Primary Care Practice
      • Engaging Your Patients in DPC Conversion
    • Ready-to-use, downloadable tools, including:
      • SWOT Analysis Worksheet
      • Patient Notification Letter Samples
      • Patient Interest Survey Sample
    • Easy access to additional resources and references

    NOTE: Access to this topic will be available through December 4, 2023. All components of this product are provided as digital copies only.