• AAFP Direct Primary Care Toolkit: Starter Pack


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    The direct primary care (DPC) practice model is becoming widely accepted as a primary care delivery model that promotes patient-centered care by putting the physician and the patient back at the center of the financial and clinical relationship. Family physicians across the country are implementing this model in communities of all sizes.

    The AAFP DPC Toolkit is designed to help those interested in pursuing a DPC practice by providing the tools to evaluate the opportunity and begin their journey to DPC.

    At the end of this course, participants will be able to:

    • Identify the benefits and risks of practicing in a DPC model
    • Determine the initial steps to establish and launch a new direct primary care (DPC) practice
    • Evaluate financial planning concepts to manage business finances.
    • Discuss recent changes in the state legislative environment related to direct primary care
    • Discuss the implications of opting out of Medicare
    • Learn best practices for marketing a DPC practice

    The toolkit now features a new format! Updated content is now delivered in easy-to-access courses that focus on key aspects of planning a DPC practice. Best Value! This product includes all four DPC Toolkit courses.

    • Four interactive, mobile-friendly online learning courses, including:
      • Direct Primary Care Overview
      • Business Planning
      • Regulatory and Legal Impacts
      • Marketing and Patient Engagement
    • Ready-to-use, downloadable tools, including:
      • 2018 Data Brief DPC Study
      • Sample Checklist
      • Services Worksheet
      • Service and Technology Vendor Listing
      • Net Revenue and Physician Salary Calculator
      • Financial Pro Forma Calculator
      • Start-up Costs Worksheet
      • Evaluating Legal Counsel Discussion Guide
      • Sample Medicare Contract Affidavit
      • Sample Private Contract Medicare
      • Patient Notification Letter Samples
      • Patient Interest Survey Sample
      • SWOT Analysis Worksheet
    • Easy access to additional resources and references

    The AAFP is not making any recommendations about how to conduct your practice or any guarantees regarding the financial viability of DPC practices. The AAFP DPC Toolkit activities are designed to be a starting point on your journey to providing care in this model.

    NOTE: Access to this topic will be available through December 4, 2023. All components of this product are provided as digital copies only.