• DPC Toolkit

    The AAFP DPC Toolkit is designed to help those interested in pursuing a DPC practice by providing the tools to evaluate the opportunity and begin their journey to DPC.

    The AAFP DPC Toolkit is packed with easy-to-use resources that will help you:

    • Plan for your conversion or start-up to a DPC practice.
    • Understand the financial model and plan your membership structure.
    • Promote your practice with proven DPC marketing strategies.
    • Address perspective regulatory and/or legal obstacles.

    Now featuring a new format! The updated content is delivered in a new, interactive online format with easy-to-access courses that focus on key aspects of planning a DPC practice.

    Or purchase individual courses to meet your specific needs.

    Check out the DPC Toolkit Direct Primary Care Overview

    This course provides an overview of the direct primary care model and answers frequently asked questions for those interested in pursuing this model.

    The DPC Toolkit includes access to the DPC Overview, which you can download for free, and three different courses listed below to help you start your business, stay compliant, and grow your DPC practice. Purchase the entire Toolkit or buy each course individually.

    Business Planning

    Just getting started? This course includes two lessons to walk you through the business and financial planning of starting a direct primary care practice.

    Regulatory and Legal Impacts

    Want to know all about the regulatory and legal impacts affecting DPC practices today? Learn about the state and federal regulatory environment, considerations for opting out of Medicare, and key compliance considerations for your DPC practice.

    Marketing and Patient Engagement

    Grow your business! This course will cover best practices for marketing and important considerations on how to engage your patients when converting to a DPC practice.

    The American Academy of Family Physicians (AAFP) DPC Toolkit courses were developed to help you explore the pros and cons of starting a new DPC practice or converting your existing practice to follow the DPC model. It offers tools if you decide that a DPC practice is a good fit for you. The AAFP is not making any recommendation about how to conduct your practice or any guarantees regarding the financial viability of DPC practices.

    These resources provide a basic DPC framework for you to adapt and personalize to meet the specific needs of your patients and regulatory environment. While the resources in this toolkit can guide your decision-making process, tailor your communications and documentation so they convey your genuine voice and reflect the personal commitment you have made to your patients as their family physician.