• Practice Improvement Checklist

    Getting Started

    Transforming Your Practice

    The following key concepts listed in this practice improvement checklist are central to any high-functioning primary care practice.

    Access and Continuity

    • Give physicians and other provider staff 24/7 access to medical charts.
    • Empanel your patient population.
    • Allow patients to select their personal physician(s).

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    Planned Care and Population Health

    • Understand the basics of team-based care.
    • Define team member roles for team-based care.
    • Train and cross-train staff on team-based care.

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    Care Management

    • Assess the medical needs of your patient population and your practice’s readiness to address these needs.
    • Learn about risk-stratified care management.
    • Investigate various models for providing care management in your practice.

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    Patient and Caregiver Engagement

    • Assess patient population for culture, language, barriers, and psychosocial needs.
    • Conduct patient satisfaction surveys and act on the results.
    • Establish a care plan template and process for including patients as active participants in the care team.

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    Comprehensiveness and Coordination

    • Create a team to oversee care transitions.
    • Determine the approach and processes your practice will use to monitor and follow-up with transitions of care.
    • Build relationships with community resources.

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    Quality Improvement

    • Learn about the basic principles of QI.
    • Learn about patient safety basics and assess your practice.
    • Form a team to implement continuous quality improvement.

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