• Practice Improvement Checklist

    Sustaining Success

    Transforming Your Practice

    Follow this checklist when you’re ready to take steps to further enhance patient care and practice efficiency. Remember the practice improvement process is never finished. An advanced primary care practice strives to continually evaluate and improve practice performance and patient outcomes.

    Access and Continuity

    • Communicate with patients through secure messaging.
    • Establish an online patient portal and allow view, download, and transmit (VDT) of all available medical information.
    • Implement process for ongoing panel management.

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    Planned Care and Population Health

    • Work with your vendor to understand your EHR population health capabilities.
    • Select and use patient registries for population health management.


    Care Management

    • Integrate evidence-based guidelines into your risk-stratified care management levels and care management plans.

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    Patient and Caregiver Engagement

    • Engage patients in shared decision making.
    • Offer health coaching to patients.
    • Conduct periodic patient focus groups.
    • Establish a patient and family advisory panel.
    • Implement patient home monitoring for chronic conditions.

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    Comprehensiveness and Coordination

    • Use performance measures to evaluate and improve care transition processes.
    • Expand information sharing capabilities by linking to regional health information exchange organizations (HIO).

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    Quality Improvement

    • Set aside time for QI, hold regular meetings with QI team and entire staff to discuss results.
    • Display quality and patient safety progress for staff and patients.

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