• Physician Employment Contracting

    Understanding the terms of your contract and knowing how to negotiate to protect your interests are central to ensuring your career success and well-being as an employed physician.

    A physician employment contract defines conditions of your employment. Read your contract carefully because it can greatly impact your professional satisfaction, as well as your personal happiness.

    Improve Your Contract

    How to Choose a Lawyer

    Know what questions to ask an attorney before you hire one to review your contract.

    How to Review Your Contract

    Use a checklist to determine whether your contract is missing something important.

    How to Negotiate a Contract

    Get tips for successfully negotiating, and learn the most important changes to ask for.

    Looking for an in-depth overview of the contracting process?

    Free Download: A Family Physician Guide to Employment Contracts

    Members can download this in-depth guide to better understand the provisions and elements of contracts and the employment contract process.


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