• The Five Factors of Well-being

    With Physician Health First, the AAFP takes a holistic view of the factors affecting physician well-being, and addresses them from five points of entry:

    Health Care System – Advocating to improve regulation and documentation burdens that impact physician well-being and quality patient care

    Organization – Promoting leadership skills to help physicians succeed as change agents to improve organization practices and policies

    Practice – Improving efficiencies to optimize physicians’ time and promote a more sustainable practice

    Individual – Focusing on individual well-being habits to address physician stress and fatigue with awareness and mindfulness techniques

    Physician Culture – Addressing the mindset of physician self-sacrifice as a cultural norm, and encouraging self-care and peer-to-peer support

    The AAFP is dedicated to helping solve this health care crisis with the action needed at the system level, and the resources desired at the individual level, so family physicians can sustain a successful and meaningful practice.