• Increasing Joy in Practice

    Stop doing unnecessary work and focus on what actually matters—your patients.

    Rediscover joy in practice with team-based care and innovations that will improve efficiency, reduce your administrative burdens—including work after clinic—and serve as barriers to burnout.

    Making Changes that Prevent Burnout and Make Room for Joy

    Explore 10 tools for you to thrive early in your career. (75 minutes)

    Examine the Team-based care model, effienciency through staff empowerment, workforce shortage solutions, and the potential impact of tech advances on healthcare delivery. (30 minutes)

    Learn tips for staying well at work, from EHR optimization to engaging leadership on proven wellness tactics. (45 minutes)

    AMA STEPS Forward® offers a collection of engaging and interactive educational toolkits that are practical, actionable “how-to” guides to transform and improve your practice.

    Three common myths prevent physicians from buying in to team-based care. Read a success story.

    These shifts in practice can help you reclaim your time.

    Mayo Clinic Proceedings articles outline some organizational strategies for tackling physician burnout by increasing engagement and providing direct peer-to-peer support.

    A resident shares a story of well-being programs that have helped her in her training. 

    Focus on building your documentation/EMR strategy. Here are some proven strategy components. Pick just one and get started.

    Get Home Sooner | Watch | CME

    Discover practice efficiency tools to lower stress at work and get home sooner.

    Batch Processing | Watch | CME

    Prevent routine tasks arriving at random intervals from destroying your practice rhythm. Here are proven methods to turn the chaos into a twice-a-day routine.

    Here are the steps to a quality team huddle. Use them to get home sooner, build your team's capacity and create a more supportive culture by putting out fires before they start.

    Collaborate to Improve Systems

    NAM Action Collaborative | Collaborative

    Use resources from the AAFP and more than 150 other health care organizations aiming to reverse the physician burnout crisis. 

    Connect and change health care delivery.

    Simplification Ahead stamp

    Reducing admin burden is key to reducing burnout. Learn about the latest efforts and tools to get you back your time.