• Hospital Privileging for Family Physicians

    As a family physician, you should have access to your patients in all areas of a health care facility – including special/critical care units – through appropriate hospital privileging. The credentialing and privileging process helps to ensure both quality patient care and your ability to provide that care. 

    Hospitals have the medical and legal responsibility to conduct a thorough, comprehensive credentialing process and admit privileges in accordance with your individual qualifications (i.e., documented training and/or experience, demonstrated abilities, and current competence).

    Your Role in the Process: Step by Step

    The information below provides a general overview of the credentialing and privileging process. Note that you will need to read and follow your hospital’s application instructions carefully—the process may differ from the steps outlined below, and from one hospital to another.

    Step 1: Understand the Basics

    Step 2: Request an Application Packet and Study the Medical Staff Bylaws

    Step 3: Gather and Submit Your Application Materials

    Step 4: In the Event of a Privileging Dispute