• AAFP Innovation Lab

    The family medicine experience is based on a deep physician-patient interaction that requires support from technology, yet many technologies used in practice today have greatly eroded the experience rather than enhancing it.  

    What we believe:

    • Family physicians must primarily care.
    • Information Technology (IT) must work for us, not against us.
    • We will no longer accept the status quo.

    The AAFP Innovation Laboratory was created to partner with industry to drive innovation with the latest proven technologies: cloud, Artificial Intelligence/Machine Learning, voice and mobile technologies, to optimize the Family Medicine Experience.

    We are striving to identify innovative tools that decrease administrative burdens that are stifling the joy of practice and creating a physician wellbeing crisis. Telehealth and value- based care tools are also being explored.

    Our goals are to eliminate or decrease burnout, decrease health IT-related stress, and provide more control of clinical time, where technology becomes responsive.

    Opportunities to Participate with the Innovation Lab

    The Innovation Lab provides members (and practice peers) the opportunity to participate in pilots to trial existing and emerging technologies of interest, to simplify administrative tasks.   

    Participating in a pilot enables a practice to receive a hands-on trial of an innovative solution, that would typically otherwise involve a binding commitment and nontrivial costs, and then make recommendations for its implementation into family medicine practices to maximally support practice workflows and needs.  

    Participating in an Innovation Lab pilot provides more than just the opportunity to trial innovative tools!  Your insights about your experience of installing and using the tool have the opportunity to benefit yourself and your peers!

    Your feedback helps us better understand how the tools are working in various practices, with different patient populations and varying contexts. Feedback also helps to identify recommendations and best practices for successful implementation of a particular category of tools.  

    Open Pilot(s) Members Can Join Now

    Family physicians interested in reducing documentation burden have the opportunity to test a new artificial intelligence tool -- at no cost – through the Suki pilot.

    Suki is a digital assistant for physicians  that combines artificial intelligence and voice-enabled technology. Suki understands natural language and completes tasks like note creation and retrieving information from the EHR. The product achieved proof of concept with a cohort of 10 family physicians using the same type of EHR system (Athena) in a variety of practice settings during stage one.

    Now the AAFP and Suki are opening up the pilot, expanding the test - to replicate stage one findings  - with a larger group of physicians, while also opening participation to members (and their practice peers) who use Epic and PowerChart EHR systems in addition to Athena. Further EHR integration is in development. Meanwhile, it is possible to use Suki as a standalone solution not integrated with the EHR, where Suki generates notes in PDF format that can then be saved in your EHR. You may not see the same benefits we saw in the stage 1 pilot, though we have seen members glean significant improvements with this non-integrated workflow.

    The Innovation Lab seeks to recruit 100 family physicians to participate. Expanding the scope of the test will allow the AAFP and Suki to better understand the characteristics of practices that will be successful with this type of solution.

    Visit the Innovation Lab to register for the expanding Suki pilot, learn more, or be notified of future opportunities to assist in trials of other innovative tools.

    Future Pilots

    If interested in staying close to innovation opportunities, we are happy to keep you on the list of family physician innovators interested in hearing about new opportunities as they arise.

    Visit the Innovation Lab to request to be notified about new opportunities to trial innovative solutions through the AAFP Innovation Lab.  

    You may opt out of receiving notices at any time (average of one to two per month)