Have you opted in to receive a quote from WSLH PT?

    If you have received confirmation of your opt-in request, your account has been marked and information about it will be shared with WSLH PT. For each lab that opts in, AAFP-PT staff members pull and organize the lab’s data and transfer it to WSLH PT for input into their system. The number of opt-ins has been high, and it may take up to four weeks before you receive your personalized quote. If you would like to contact WSLH PT, see the AAFP-PT closure FAQs for details.

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    What Is laboratory proficiency testing?

    Laboratory proficiency testing is an external quality and accuracy assessment process that tests unknown specimens from an outside source to ensure accurate lab testing results. Lab proficiency testing is more than an internal quality control measure. It provides an important comparison and objective assessment of your lab staff competencies, specimen handling, equipment functionality, and results reporting.

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