AAFP-PT is closed as of December 2022.

    Thank you to every laboratory team who trusted us with their business throughout the years. We are grateful to have served you. If you need to select a PT provider, see FAQ below.

    Labs will continue to have access to evaluation reports via PT Central through the end of 2025. 

    What Is laboratory proficiency testing?

    Laboratory proficiency testing is an external quality and accuracy assessment process that tests unknown specimens from an outside source to ensure accurate lab testing results. Lab proficiency testing is more than an internal quality control measure. It provides an important comparison and objective assessment of your lab staff competencies, specimen handling, equipment functionality, and results reporting.

    While AAFP no longer offers a proficiency testing program, medical practices performing laboratory testing can seek other CMS-approved programs. Visit AAFP’s information about Clinical Laboratory Improvements Amendments (CLIA) for regulation standards.  

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    FAQs: Past Participants

    Since AAFP-PT’s launch in the early 90s, family physicians have increasingly shifted from owning their own practices—where they could provide practice-based laboratory services—to being employed by larger organizations. Together with ongoing health care consolidation, this change means practice-based lab testing has largely moved from physician practice settings to other sites, and proficiency testing is now a meaningful benefit to fewer AAFP members than in the past.

    AAFP-PT partnered with WSLH PT because we’re convinced their program offers an ideal solution to meeting your future proficiency testing needs. WSLH PT uses the same online data entry system that AAFP PT did, and they share the same customer service values. Contact WSLH PT for a quote ptservice@slh.wisc.edu, or call 800-462-5261.

    You can download a list of CMS/CLIA-approved PT providers from the CMS website.

    You will have access to PT Central until the end of 2025. Access to past evaluation reports after 2025 will be provided by the AAFP Member Resource Center (email: aafp@aafp.org | phone: (800) 274-2237). Response time will be longer, so we recommend taking the time now to save copies of your evaluation reports for the past three years.

    The instructions for saving copies of your evaluation reports are shown here. We recommend you download the past three years of evaluation reports and save them to your computer.

    For education activities completed by the end of 2022, no changes will be seen. As you complete each assessment, you will continue to receive the email with your completion certificate. We recommend you print each certificate for your records. Access to the education activities will not be available after December 31, 2022.

    Contact AAFP’s member resource center and they will assist you. Email AAFP@aafp.org or call 800-274-2237.


    Refer to the AAFP-PT Handbook for more information on reviewing your evaluation and corrective action plans.

    View CMS documentation for the latest guidance on recordkeeping for laboratories.