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    Requesting Records

    Accessing your submissions and evaluations

    You may access and print copies of data submissions and evaluations from previous events by logging in to your PT Central.

    How long should I keep my records?

    The CLIA regulations require that all laboratories retain certain records for a designated period of time. The following table lists the CLIA record-keeping requirements for laboratory records.

    Calibration and Calibration Verification 2 years
    Discontinued Procedures 2 years
    Equipment Maintenance and Function Checks
    2 years
    Method Performance Validation and Specifications 2 years after discontinuation method
    Proficiency Testing Evaluations and Corrective Action
    2 years
    Proficiency Testing Results (lab worksheets, instrument printouts, data submission reports)
    2 years
    PT Attestation Statement
    2 years
    Quality Control Records and Reports (daily QC records) 2 years
    Remedial Action - errors in reported patient results (both the original and corrected report)
    2 years

    What are the Laboratory Medical Director's responsibilities?

    According to CLIA, the Laboratory Medical Director, as stated on the CLIA license, is responsible for the overall operation of the laboratory. The Laboratory Medical Director is ultimately responsible even if responsibilities are delegated.  He/She must ensure that all the duties are properly performed, staff competencies are met, and applicable CLIA regulations are followed. It is the Director’s responsibility to ensure that the laboratory develops and uses a quality system approach to laboratory testing that provides accurate and reliable patient test results.

    The Medical Director's duties include, but are not limited to:

    1. Review of quality control measures
    2. Review and adherence of policies and procedures for laboratory testing
    3. Review a sampling of the analytical performance of test systems for acceptability based on your laboratory’s criteria
    4. Review of proficiency testing results, failure investigations, and corrective action documentation.

    For further information, visit CMS CLIA website and see “The Interpretative Guidelines for Laboratories.”

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