• Telehealth and Telemedicine

    Telemedicine and virtual care have quickly become important tools in caring for your patients. This collection of articles, videos, and coding tables will help you start, expand, or refine your telehealth offerings to provide better care for your patients.

    Telehealth Basics

    telehealth concept

    Comparing Telehealth Services

    Learn about your options and how to choose the right technology and vendors.

    Telehealth and the End of the Public Health Emergency

    Get answers to common questions about telehealth after May 11, 2023.

    Legal Requirements for Telemedicine

    Learn more about the telehealth legal requirements for your state.

    Practice Hack Video Thumbnail CGM

    Setting up Professional Continuous Glucose Monitoring

    Get a quick overview of the process of getting your professional CGM program started.

    Workflow and Operations

    Telehealth Optimization Tips

    A family physician gives her tips for refining your telehealth workflows and shares steps to improve your program.

    CME: Telemedicine and Simplification

    As part of a CME package on reducing administrative burden, learn how to make telehealth work for you.

    Billing and Coding

    Successfully Order CGM

    Learn tips for ordering continuous glucose monitoring and getting it covered for patients.

    Basics: Telehealth Billing and Coding

    Learn what you need to know to get paid for telehealth services.

    timeline of phones

    How to Code for Telehealth, Audio-Only, and Virtual-Digital Visits

    Get codes to bill payers for various telehealth services.

    How to Code for RPM and CGM

    Get coding details for remote patient and continuous glucose monitoring.

    AAFP Telemedicine Advocacy and Policy